Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Reality

Reality surpassed my expectations, which was nice. It's half seven in the evening now and it's been a really nice Christmas, I'm definitely happy. I was woken up at 8 to go see Santa's presents (not in the sitting room, weirdly, but in the kitchen this year). You can see what I got below:

Everything together: mandolin, book, notebook, jacket, onesie, headphones, socks.
The book - historical fiction. Might be interesting though that's not my usual genre, and it'll help with my book blog, which is always good.
This is a mandolin. I'll be honest, I did repeatedly tell Mam not to get it because what use do I have for a mandolin? I just wanted a high-quality ukulele. They're the same price. I don't want to be ungrateful, I just don't know how to play or tune it (yet). Maybe I'll warm to it. 
This is the gorgeous notebook my sister got me. Sorry about the blurry picture, but it really is lovely and I'm a big notebook fan. But what shall I write in it? I already have a diary, a to-do list notebook, others, it's too pretty to use for a school copy...
Here's another picture of the whole lot.

My favourite present is the headphones, by far. I badly needed them, and music sounds so much better and fuller now. Woohoo!

I'm glad Mam didn't get me much clothes, because I'm really not into that. I'm happy with the jammies and socks though, because comfy clothes are my thing.

Mam went back to bed after we opened presents, so my sister cooked dinner. We had ham, mash, brussels sprouts, carrots and cranberry jam, then watched Home Alone 2 on TV. Then we read around the table for a while (incidentally, my 7 year old brother got like 15 books from Santa, and I love what that says about our family values), played Scrabble and watched another movie (Madagascar 3). The kids watched Big Bang Theory while I worked in my room after that (I got quite a lot done for Young Scientist today too - fixed the Introduction, did the Cover Page and Acknowledgements, fixed some of the methods, did a diagram, did some Harvard referencing...). I also got one entry in for that freelance article I'm supposed to be writing, which I'm procrastinating so hard on.

Again, merry Christmas!

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