Friday, 12 December 2014

Did the Onion and the NYT just publish the same thing?

For those of you not in the know, The Onion is a well-established satirical newspaper. I was fooled by it when I was twelve, but never since because the name is very recognizable. Still, it's definitely very enjoyable - but definitely satirical. So it was surprising to see it and the New York Times posting an article on exactly the same topic.

The Onion's article

The NYT article

Summary: Columbia Law School allows students who feel distressed by the lack of indictments in Eric Garner and Mike Brown's case to postpone their exams; some people agree, some are outraged.

I'm a bit conflicted here; I am an exam fangirl, but I recognise that the events of the last few months have taken a heavy toll on some people, particularly racial minorities (and possibly white people if, like, a family member got tear gassed. But it's not as likely.). So they do deserve some time. Then again, America's police violence problem doesn't seem to be slowing down so I don't know how much good the break will do them when the traumatic incidents are still happening.

That's my two cents.

The Onion does have a section down the bottom with (presumably fake) members of the public's views, but it's still weird. Maybe The Onion is trying to make a political point, or saying truth is stranger than fiction?

I could be completely wrong, but it struck me as odd. It would be amusing, however, if the NYT suddenly became a satire newspaper. All the old businesspeople would be very surprised. Might do them some good.

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