Friday, 19 December 2014


This was meant to go up on the 17th, but I accidentally put it on the other blog. Anyway.

It must be done now,
I am tired out,
Want to be triumphant but
Can't figure the end out.

It'll do, I think
But there's a missing link,
Between here and happiness,
Satisfaction, nonetheless.

Wait no, what's that -
The feeling, it's back
Pervasive worry never leaves,
Did I think a switch would cleave --

My faults away,
The faults that stay
It wouldn't let me free that fast,
My head tells me I've been outclassed

All these things I've gotten into,
My dreams are my worst nightmares come true,
Maybe I have got this twisted,
I just want my spirits lifted.

These monstrous dreams I let them fester
Always trying to impress her
The monster must ramp up and up
Never caring when to stop,

I worship my sins, I know where they take me
To the haunted forest, where nations praise me

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