Saturday, 6 December 2014

I Go To Mass

I went to Mass for the first time in around three years today. While I'm an atheist, my mum asked me to sing a couple of songs during the Communion. I was annoyed because it was short notice and I wasn't really given a choice, but what can you do.

I spent today learning three songs: The Cloud's Veil, Amazing Grace and The Cave by Mumford & Sons. I dislike singing or saying anything praising god because I don't believe in it, but these songs are really beautiful and suit my voice so I didn't mind too much. The Cave isn't strictly religious but I got away with it.

Other songs I considered include:

1. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
2. Blessed by Rachael Lampa
3. True Colours by Cyndi Lauper
4. Don't Stop Believing by Journey
5. One by U2

I don't actually know #3 or #5, but that's what I came up with during my search for plausibly-spiritual songs. I can play Don't Stop Believing on piano (although I played everything else on ukulele), but unfortunately the title can't disguise the fact that the song is really not religious enough to work in church.

Got to the local church (partly why I was asked to do it - giving back to the community, or something) at 7.15pm and checked the mic. It was a really nice microphone, I must say, even if that sounds like a weird thing to praise. The songs came out really well.

It was fairly awkward because I've forgotten all the actions you're supposed to do during Mass and I didn't want to say a lot of the prayers (I wasn't obnoxiously rude either, just kept my head down and mumbled). But the priest talked about selfies in his homily, which was entertaining. A quote: "John the Baptist would never have taken a selfie!"

The songs went down well, people seemed to like them. As I was leaving with the family, some woman talked to Mam, complimented my voice and asked if Mam had seen me in the paper (I was in the local paper on Wednesday). They then talked more about me and it was very disconcerting, given that I didn't know the woman.

It was all going surprisingly well until at the end of the mass, when homophobic leaflets were given out. I did manage to restrain myself from shouting at them, but it's very frustrating when the leaflet goes on about marriage being specifically between a man and a woman, and contains a heading called "God's Plan for Marriage". Now, God, send that down in neat pamphlet form yourself, willya?

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