Friday, 26 December 2014

My Best and Worst Christmas Presents Ever

Now that we're past actual Christmas but still in the seasonal mood, it's time for me to recount the best and worst Christmas presents I've ever received. I'll start with the worst, because for news to matter, heads have to roll. Right?


Tinkerbell Art Set


This one was particularly bad because it was just insulting. I think I was 13 when I got this, maybe 14. My clueless uncle (I just spelled that "unkle", what) decided that a Tinkerbell paint set was a totally appropriate gift for a teenager. I admit that I did end up using the markers. They were useful, okay?

A Laptop Stand-Thing
BRĂ„DA Laptop support IKEA

I don't even know what the purpose of this thing is. It's from IKEA, so you expect it to be a bit quirky, but Mam bought it for Christmas 2013 and it was difficult to pretend I like it because ... you know ... it was completely useless. I also got clothes that year. It was like Santa mixed up my presents with some weird person who wants "standard teenage" clothes and a useless laptop cooler. 

Actually, I'd love to do the same with the name of this laptop-prop as is done with Benedict Cumberbatch/Benetton Cabbagepatch/Beetroot Cumbersnozzle's name, because it's amusing. Also, laptop-prop rhymes. It's more honest too, because that's pretty much all it does. Who even wants to use their laptop at an incline anyway?

Hannah Montana Pen

Hannah Montana Singing Pen - Rock Star
Got this from my aunt. It was fun the first three times, then the obnoxious blaring of NOBODY'S PERFECT, WE ALL GOTTA WORK IT, AGAIN AND AGAIN TIL WE GET IT RIGHT got incredibly annoying. Again, patronising. Apparently it's pretty common for relatives to underestimate your age.

First world problems, right?

Anyway, now for some presents I loved.



I've been given three iPods by my mother. All but one were second-hand, don't worry, I'm not spoiled, but the latest one was a 4th Generation iTouch that had a camera (two! This was a shock in comparison to my previous 3rd Gen, which had none). I got a lot of use out of that iPod and have photos from a lot of memories, including my first and second boyfriend. I got it two years ago and it's lost at the moment, but even if I never find it again, it served me brilliantly. A huge bonus of it being secondhand was that it came with over 1000 songs already loaded on, which got me into Marina and the Diamonds and some KT Tunstall. 

(Somewhat worryingly, when I got my Samsung tablet (for free, I won it), it had automatically downloaded all the photos from my iPod. I do not know how.)


A present from this year, these headphones are both practical (i.e. I use them all the time) and fun. Sound is better (unless it's a variation of the placebo effect), it looks cool (my definition of cool, okay?) and they're affordable. 


This one's obvious. Where would I be without books? 

Feel free to share your best/worst Christmas present stories below, entertain me. 

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