Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Favourite Youtubers

This seems like a very childish title but there you go. I'm just going to jump right in.


Otherwise known as Dan Howell, this British vlogger has been my favourite for probably the last two years. His brand is being socially awkward but in an attractive way, and he does a mix of sketch comedy and straight vlogging. I may or may not have had a crush on him a while back.


Dan and Phil go hand in hand (Phan shippers feel free to take this literally). Phil is more into normal vlogging, but he's been going for longer than Dan. My favourite Phil videos are collabs.

I only got into nigahiga recently, but Ryan (Higa) is a creative genius. Or the three friends who help with his videos are, whatever. His videos are so professional and yet still personal. My favourite at the moment is The Douchebag Workout. 

Jimmy Wong
I don't really watch Jimmy Wong's videos as a whole, I just really like two of his videos: The Ching Chong Song (in response to a UCLA student's racist vlog about Asians; it really takes a funny approach to embarrassing her) and his cover of Nice Guys along with someone else. He's just too talented.

Emma Blackery
I'm not sure I have a favourite video of Emma's; I just like her acerbic wit in general, so her Q & A's are fun to read. Also, her wigs are great.


Epic Rap Battles of History is, I must say, a fantastic concept, and I'm in awe of them for coming up with it. Favourites include Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs, Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye, Marilyn Monroe vs. Cleopatra and Mozart vs Skrillex.

Key of Awesome aka BarelyPolitical
These guys were my ERB before I found ERB. I recommend their Lorde parody. And almost everything else by them, actually.

Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider

I'm putting these two together because they collaborate so much. I think this is the THIRD one on this list my friend Jerry introduced me too. I'm in love with their cover of Just Give Me a Reason featuring another Youtuber called Kylee. It's phenomenal. I also really love Sam Tsui's "Next Best Thing."

Fung Bros
These get an honourable mention. I like the "Things Asian Parents Do" series and "Asian Stereotypes." They're pretty funny. 

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