Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Absurdity of Tweetables

I've been noticing "tweetables" on websites and blogs for a while, where the author will put a few ready-made Tweets at the bottom of their post in hopes of encouraging readers to share. I understand the motivation; everyone wants shares, traffic, popularity, all the trappings of blogging.

But oh my God is it ridiculous.

I'm not one to decry the internet (hur hur, internet scary, caveman, those damn Millennials) since I essentially live on it, but it really does show the worst parts of internet culture. If someone doesn't like an article enough to write their own less-than-140-characters about it, it probably doesn't deserve the tweet. 

This pandering to laziness is very annoying. Anyone can write a tweet-length post. If you're too busy, you shouldn't be reading random articles in the first place. It's lowering the activation energy to do something, but honestly the activation energy for writing a Tweet is so low in the first place. Are people really going to migrate away from your post that fast?

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I've never understood why people do these things. What do you think? - Click to Tweet

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(Also, and still picking on the same blog: I find it funny when blogs don't have a clue what picture to use for a particular entry so they just have a picture of the word they're using in the dictionary.)

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