Saturday, 6 December 2014

Google by the Alphabet

Thanks to Google's creepy awesome memory of what I've previously visited, I often have to type only a letter or two to get to my favourite sites. And here they are.


That is a particular thread on Absolute Write where writers talk about their favourite rejection quotes. I haven't looked at it in ages, actually, but then I don't Google much beginning with "a".


This brings me to my Blogger Dashboard. Quelle surprise. Not like I have two blogs or anything.

C: is a comedy website that makes list-based posts, and it's pretty funny. I often check it daily. I sometimes use it as an alternative time-sink to Tumblr, as it doesn't make time - what's the opposite of dilate? - so much.

Honourable Mention:
#2 is Codecademy, which I haven't visited quite so often lately since finishing that HTML & CSS intro course.


I use Duolingo daily (I'm currently on a 40 day streak!) to learn French. It's a lot better than doing it in school because, y'know, I don't have to leave my laptop. And it's fun.

Honourable Mentions:

If the Blogger dashboard is how I reach my blog from the inside, this is how you reach it from the outside. The other blog, I mean. The book blog.

Google Drive - pretty handy, although I usually use Dropbox to save files to the cloud because it's automatic. I think the reason it's not in my common searches is that Dropbox doesn't make me go onto its site to save my stuff, it just does it as long as I have an internet connection. And I can simultaneously save stuff to my laptop, the cloud, my tablet (until the tablet broke). I would've been able to use my iPod too, except it's so old and Dropbox needs iOS 7. Love you, Dropbox.


This is kind of embarrassing, since I just joined Ello because it sounded cool and exclusive. I got an invitation off this site that gives them out freely. Haven't used it since. Also, who do you think you are Ello? Are you too cool for ".com"?

I'm glad to see my own name doesn't come up when I type in "e". Not too narcissistic, then.


I don't think I have to explain Facebook. I usually have it open in another tab just for sending messages - the timeline isn't that interesting.

Honourable Mention:

That's where you are right now. Surprise!


This one changes a lot, but mainly -

Site for bookworms to review and talk about books. I used to read Goodreads Quotes a lot, they're really great.

Also Gmail, but recently I get to that with "m" ( because it loads faster for some reason.


This is my friend Jerry's blog, where he writes (you guessed it) haiku. He's pledged to write a haiku a day for 365 days and he's currently on day 81. I check his blog every few days, and I suggest you do too. It can be quite entertaining. And frustrating, when you know him personally, because you always wonder what the haiku are about.


Yeah, I was thinking of applying to BGT for the craic.

Honourable Mentions:

I used this as one of my many, many sources for an article I recently-ish got published on Listverse, which you can find here.

I get the train about once a week, so it's handy to know the times. Obviously. So insightful.


This is literary agent Janet Reid's blog. She has another, Query Shark, where she dissects queries authors send her for all to see. Both entertaining and useful.


The stuff that comes up here doesn't even make sense, since half the results don't even start with "k". This morning I had to look up a religious song for my little brother to do in school, leaving me with the somewhat embarrassing:



I can't really write for a site without reading it, or shouldn't anyway. Listverse publishes four (I think) list-based articles daily, and has published two of mine. It can make a good read.


Gmail. Self-explanatory. I'm often very afraid to check my email after sending something important (say, to a professor asking for advice - or, when the time comes, query letters).


The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capure the Human Experience

Honourable Mention:


Used this last month, though I did the Young Writers' Programme as my goal was only 20K words. Fun.


Opening Minds

Shop for schoolbooks.


Spotify Web Player



Basically a fancier Yahoo Answers. It's interesting to read through the feed, though, if you can get past the people trying to sound smart.


Rotary Ireland

Rotary Ireland runs a Youth Leadership Competition each year. I entered and got an interview in school, but was away on work experience so couldn't go. However, my best friend did, then won the Regional and National rounds so she's off to Strasbourg in January and I am very proud of her.


My Tumblr (smallbutverydangerous)

I guess I thought the name was funny when I joined two years ago. I wanted "small but dangerous" but that was taken. I think the "very" makes it a bit unwieldy, but oh well.

Honourable Mention:

Best Friend's Tumblr (stereotypique)

She changes her Tumblr url all the time, it's very disconcerting. I wonder how long this link will last.


Tumblr Dashboard. SUCH a timesink, but the site is so aesthetically pleasing and just enjoyable. Fleeting enjoyment, though, which leaves once you realise how much time you've wasted.

Honourable Mention:


Ignored Twitter for ages but have recently gone back to it a little. I followed a lot of really stupid accounts around three years ago that I really need to unfollow and declutter my feed, then I'll enjoy it more.



Plays notes to help me tune my ukulele. Very handy.


Site that plays games to improve your vocabulary. I've lapsed with it, but it's still good, and the fast dictionary is really convenient.



Technically this brings me to the /mystories page, but not all of you will have one. You should check out Barrier on Wattpad, I'm updating every Tuesday and Friday.


It seems that I've never searched anything beginning with X.



I have a Youtube channel that's just getting started, and I like to watch danisnotonfire, amazingphil, emmablackery, pentatonix, nigahiga among others.


I googled Zhai Xiaobing, as research for an article that has since been rejected by Listverse. You win some, you lose some.

So there you go, that's what I Google.


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