Tuesday, 13 January 2015

100 Facts About Me

1. I grin every time I remember that both Columbus and Luther came up in my Junior Cert.

2. I play ukulele. Hipster, I know.

3. I don't like absolutes and am awful at choosing sides. This gets me in trouble a lot.

4. I worry about my ego.

5. At the moment, I want to study General Science in Trinity. 

6. I find it very hard to make decisions.

7. I'm still forming my opinions on a lot of things, e.g. abortion.

8. I'm considered small, although I'm only a little under average height for my age. I'm very thin, which is probably why. 

9. I like being called cute.

10. I go to an all-girls' school.

11. Most of my non-school friends are boys. 

12. I go to the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland (a.k.a "nerd camp"). I studied Journalism in 2013 and Biotechnology in 2014.

13. I've competed in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition twice.

14. I'm terrified of being "a quitter" so I avoid dropping subjects etc. like the plague, even when it makes me stressed. 

15. I like the way I look, but I think "objectively" - if you averaged other people's ratings for me - I'd be pretty average. 

16. The first things I did on the computer were use Paint and play Pinball, or whatever it's called. 

17. People say they can't decide whether I'm the laziest or most hard-working person they know.

18. I always have a lot of projects going on at the same time.

19. I crave novelty.

20. I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling. I can't help noticing when it's wrong (at least, when I'm reading something someone else wrote; there may be a typo in here somewhere). 

21. I spend a lot of time on the computer. Well, laptop.

22. I find it difficult to stay friends with people who aren't good texters (well, online-messagers).

23. Most of my friends live hours away, in Cork or Dublin or Galway. 

24. I spent a lot of 2014 working in a nanotech lab. It was awesome.

25. I want to get a PhD.

26. I'm really bad at smiling for photos.

27. I seek praise and recognition but then get uncomfortable when people praise me for something that doesn't live up to my standards.

28. My friends put up with a lot.

29. I'm almost always stressed to some degree. I put a lot on my plate.

30. I dislike clichés.

31. Hypocrisy's okay, though. When I do it.

33. I'm extremely grateful to my school.

34. I still have the TY opportunity-based mindset, which is why I found myself missing class for work experience and Young Scientist during 5th Year. It's hard to catch up, but I tell myself it's worth it. 

35. My favourite classes are Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

36. I'm trying to teach myself Biology. It's not going well, because I lack motivation.

37. I don't really understand people who don't have clear goals in life that they work towards. 

38. My sister is a year and eight months younger than me but when we were younger we looked so similar that we could swap glasses and people would mix us up (I had purple, she had pink/red, then I had blue, she had purple...). 

39. I'm quite confrontional.

40. My favourite book series at the moment is Skulduggery Pleasant, though I love lots of books (just look at my book blog). 

41. It's been a long time since i reread Harry Potter last. 

42. My furthest away friend lives in Ontario, Canada.

43. I've only ever been to one foreign country (Germany). However, I recently won a prize that gets me an all-expenses-paid trip to Seattle, America, so that'll be by far the furthest I've ever gone. 

44. I'm bad at hiding my feelings, but then I never really try.

45. I rarely feel negative emotions other than stress/anxiety and maybe loneliness, because I push them out of my head.

46. My sister is extremely annoying most of the time but I love her.

47. I'm always so impressed with my oldest younger brother's drawings and feats of LEGO/K'nex engineering.

48. My youngest brother is very different from all of us. Still very clever, though. But moany. 

49. I have learned a lot from Tumblr, though I despise about half the SJWs. 

50. I'm a feminist in the true sense of the word and many others, but I don't like some of the movement.

51. Dad: Men aren't discrimated against, certainly not to the same extent. Get over it.

52. I hate the way people on Tumbr call "Oppression!" too much and wouldnt say it to myself because I feel saying I'm oppressed is disempowering. Some people actually are, and that's fair enough. But as a white girl ... nah. 

53. Don't even try to tell me I have internalized misogyny. You're stupid and annoying. 

54. I don't like identifying with groups just because you were born into them. I don't see the point. It's not like you earned your place there. I like the light-hearted "female solidarity" stuff, but it goes too far sometimes.

55. I don't actually read that many blogs. I will if I put in a search keyword and I'm linked to one, but seeking good ones out is hard otherwise.

56. I read 30 books in 30 days once. 

57. I've started thinking in lists worryingly often.

58. I write for Listverse and TopTenz.

59. I'm the N.I. Young Scientist of the Year 2014/15.

60. I regret only starting doing Young Scientist in Transition Year.

61. I'm sad that having received 3rd in Category disqualifies me from entering Scifest. I just realised, since I'm thinking of doing further work on this project that might work ... I could enter that as a new project, since it technically is.

62. I hate not being able to do stuff because of technicalities. 

63. I'm not a great team player. That's an understatement.

64. I've matured a lot in the last two years. I was insufferable before.

65. I play chess, but not well.

66. I'm into daily habits.

67. My sleep pattern is all over the place at the moment.

68. People laugh at me in school. I'm mostly desensitized to it.

69. I sing all the time

70. I don't watch TV, but I waste enough time on the Internet to make up for it.

71. I don't think I want kids. Might change. 

72. I strongly dislike religion. I try to be tolerant to religious people's faces, but if they push it on me I say "You're insane." I think that's fair.

73. I was quite religious when I was 14. I was a church speaker/server thingy for years. Glad I got out of that one.

74. CTYI is my favourite place in the world. 

75. I like Fanta, Chomps and demibaguettes.

76. I get jealous easily, but not in romantic situations.

77. I'm very analytical but still get excited when something clicks in Physics or Chemistry. 

78. I regret doing History for Leaving Cert. I like how things have to make sense in Science eventually, but in History it's all just fallible humans making weird, boring decisions. 

79. I evidently like a challenge.

80. I'm often afraid of looking at my e-mails.

81. I have a weird relationship with authority figures.

82. I started my book blog in June 2012, and this one in August 2014. I started posting daily in early December 2014. 

83. While writing a novel's first draft, I try to do 1000 words a day. Exactly 1000. Stopping in the middle of a sentence is great for creativity. Of course, it also helps to end near the start of a new scene, when I know roughly what's going to happen but haven't set down the minutiae yet. 

84. I can write HTML & CSS. Basic, but all I need at the moment. 

85. I spend a lot of time alone in my room working on things. Or procrastinating. 

86. I think it's wasteful not to do some extra-curricular activities in your school (or outside, I guess). Unless they're all shit. In which case, sorry and go find something.

87. I lose my stuff all the time.

88. I can't visualise things, and diagrams rarely help me work out problems. They just confuse me.

89. I chew things too much. People lend me pens when I lose mine and it's really hard not to chew on them.

90. I fiddle with lose strings. Not good for the sleeve of my school jumper. Used to do that all the time with my teddy when I was a kid.

91. I sometimes envision myself as a book character to lend me strength or whatever quality I need at the time. Usually Hermione or Darquesse.

92. I'm very impatient. 

93. My friends protect me. It's probably cos I'm small, but I'm not going to complain.

94. I've been cutting down on my Tumblr time.

95. Sending important e-mails terrifies me, and I have to email professors and editors and PR people way more often than my nerves should have to handle. I'm always aware that they could ruin things by turning me down. I don't like having to rely on them so much.

96. I am a very lucky person. I mean, I'm not superstitious or anything but I am lucky with serendipitous things that happen to me. 

97. I love my laptop, but I'd appreciate something more portable. I miss my iPod.

98. My favourite comedian at the moment is Bo Burnham.

99. I'm a sucker for e-learning and productivity websites like Duolingo and Codecademy. 

100. I want to be a researcher and author. 

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