Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Love Letter to Flip-Flopping Politicians

Dear Flip-Flopping Politicians, 

First off, since this is a love letter and I'm lazy, you're getting a nickname: FFP. Now, I'm not a big fan of politicians in general. In my opinion, ye're too smarmy altogether, like suck-ups who never learned. But I can see when someone's getting too much hate, and you absolutely are. 

Now, there are different kinds of flip-flopping. The one I'm inclined to dislike along with everyone else is where a candidate changes their stance on an issue to stay popular with the opinion polls. That's just sucking up. But American voters and the media tend to discredit politicians for something much less egregious (necessary, in fact): learning more and thus changing their mind.

It's something I only see in America (although that's true of most things). 

John Kerry. Al Gore. Abraham Lincoln. Obama. Mitt Romney. 

Look, you don't want a list. But I just want to let you know: It's far more important to be intellectually flexible, to continually and consistently educate yourself about the world so that you can make better decisions, than to stick by faulty principles.

Your principles could be brilliant at the time you first make them. But assuming you're in this politician business for the long haul, you're hopefully going to develop and change as a person, and you shouldn't be forced to rigidly profess the same views as when you first came to office. 

You don't deserve hatred from your voters just for being a decent person. Please, think more like a scientist or, I don't know, reasonable person, and recognise that the world doesn't stay static around you. 

Judging by media portrayals (which I know are often awful things to go on), some American voters can't get this into their heads. The stereotype would be Southern rednecks, but I don't want to tar all of them with the same brush. Don't you just love clichés?

I know it can be hard to identify the "facts" in politics, because there are so many human variables involved and debates are used to sort things out. But you still have to react to the situation, whatever you honestly perceive it to be.

Screw the voters.

(Don't really. That's Bill Clinton's job.)

((I'm kidding. Also, I know nothing about politics.))

Lots of love, 


On a politics-related note, Ted bloody Cruz, Texas Senator, is now in charge of regulating NASA and other science funding. Could they possibly have made a worse choice? 

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