Thursday, 15 January 2015

Not All Men

I daresay most of you are familiar with Not All Men, but for those who aren't, it's generally a response to feminist criticism of men and their treatment of women. Now, someone might say "not all men" to the statement I just wrote, so I'll amend it: " ... feminist criticism of some men and their treatment of women". (Interesting that they don't want a some in front of "women", isn't it? It's as if they don't see them as individuals. Hm.)

Look at that, I'm derailing. Which is an excellent segue into explaining why people don't like Not All Men. Let's do this by example. 

Woman: After being raped, a woman might be afraid of men.
Man: Not all men rape!

Now, there are a number of problems with this.

(a) It's not bringing any new information. We all know that not all men rape; if they did, rape would probably be normal.
(b) It's irrelevant and derailing.
(c) It's immature and self-centered. Do you really have so little to say that you have to but(t) in like that?


I still have a problem with the feminists who just go on and on about Not All Men. 

You'd swear these men were literally raping people. 

Feminists here can say they're "venting" all they want, but the fact remains that they're being rude. Yes, discrimination against women exists, sure. Don't be immature about it.

It's interesting when I look at it from different perspectives, though. When I see "Men endanger women", I think it's a bit rude but I don't really care.

However, when I see "White people endanger black people", I get annoyed. I feel it as a personal attack on me as a white person, and I'm oh-so-temped to retort "not all white people! you need to qualify that statement with a some). Only now we've returned to the root of the problem. 

Now, I know Tumblr SJWs would say the oppressed get to have the say on the issue, but I think that's bull so I'm choosing to ignore it. I get to have the experience on both sides, "oppressor" and "oppressed" (I think it's dumb to call myself oppressed, though I acknowledge that many women are, so I don't see why I should have to call myself the opposite on the other side). So I get an insight into it.

But it's an uncomfortable one, because I see how much my attitude changes.

And so I have to say, not all men is a fair point. It just happens to be one that's been made many times before. So qualifying our statements is probably the best way to avoid hassle and derailing. 

Anyway, there are worse things, more important things to be fighting for/against. Please: Let it Go. 

People who say misandry doesn't exist, too. Okay, I can get on board when you say sexism against men doesn't exist because it makes sense that sexism has to be institutional. But going by the definition (deep sigh now), misandry is just hatred against men, right? There are definitely people who hate men. 

But no one likes Men's Rights Activists, so it's okay. 

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