Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Parent-Teacher Meetings

I had my Fifth Year Parent-Teacher Meetings yesterday, and I'm going to describe them here (hopefully without providing any identifying details). 

First, a qualifier (c'mon, this is me): I wasn't present, so these are just what mam told me the teachers told her. For all I know, she twisted the stories to try for a moral lesson. But I'll just tell you what I heard. 

My Maths, Physics and Chemistry teachers said I can get an A1 in the Leaving Cert and that I'm definitely doing Higher Level. 

My Maths teacher seems to really like me (yay!) saying I grasp concepts immediately and am very engaged in class, and that I'm a lovely girl. She said she knows I don't look back over my notes though and that I need to study because she's not going to accept less than an A1 from me. She only said I'm in the top two or three in the class. On that note, today she gave us a type of question we hadn't seen before and said to come up and get chocolate if we solved it. I was the third person up, which I'm pretty pleased about. She did say I should get to the top if I work like the others though. 

Chemistry teacher was short the way Mam told it. She said I get concepts quickly but need to work on my definitions and she knows that's because I'm engaged in class and understand things but aren't learning things off when I go home. Which is true. She also said it's clear that I like Chemistry, and that I seem to have a natural aptitude for it. Duh.

Physics was actually the first one Mam went to but screw chronology. Physics teacher had glowing reviews (apparently), said I have a beautiful mind (and get concepts, etc., I presume). He thinks I'm a lovely girl, very engaged. I found out today that he said to Niamh's mam that having the two of us in his class is great craic. He also said I got 93% in a test after messing a ton of classes, which I don't remember but I'll take his word for it...

My History teacher's comments were quite mixed. She said I must love history (HA!), that I ask questions no one else does and that I have a great flair for essays. However, she also said she can tell I'm coasting, that I don't revise and I'm complacent. How I hate that word. I also need to speak louder in class apparently. I don't know what it is - maybe it's that I sit at the back - because teachers can hear me perfectly fine in every other class.

English teacher said I have a "brilliant mind" (concerned by the similarities) but I write before thinking and that my essays sent by email are better than my written ones because i can edit, so I need to plan before writing. am very engaged etc. Probably the most mixed comments I've ever received from an English teacher.

French teacher said I have a natural flair for the language but she's noticed I never hand up assignments and need to work on my accent. She says I'm complacent. Soz, but I'm gonna have to disagree. I do homework in all the other classes, there's a reason I sporadically do it in yours. 

Irish teacher said good things (but he is very laid back), that I'm very engaged, doing fine and he really likes me. I'm a nice, happy girl apparently. I like the good comments on my personality; in first and second year they used to voice concerns about my lack of friends. 

Basically all of them were saying I can go for the A1 but I need to bother studying so I should, like, do that. I did actually study today - I've done six History flashcards (shocker), all my homework and I'm about to study Enzymes for Biology. The principal also came over to speak to mam and was very complimentary.

No one mentioned my habitual lateness or disorganisation, which was surprising. Maybe they've just gotten bored of saying it. 

I was a little freaked out by how well some of the teachers copped onto my modus operandi of paying a huge amount of attention and asking and answering lots of questions so I learn it there and then, and then coasting along on that. I will make an effort. I'm currently teaching the boyf logs because his teacher skipped them, but after that I promise I'll read some of the Enzymes chapter and do some questions. 

(Note: If you think this is boasting, remember that you chose to read what I warned you was an honest account of what I was told about the PT meeting.)

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