Thursday, 29 January 2015

Starting to Study

After all the "complacency" accusations at the PT Meeting, I'm starting to study. I know it's playing right into their hands, but I'm going to try to ignore my pride and do what's wise. I'm posting about it to increase my commitment because no one likes to be embarrassed. 

Here's what I'm doing.

Last night was the first time, really, where I actually studied (rather than cramming the night before/day of a test). I started with History, because it's the one subject I've hated since the start of the year and I'm trying to reset that.

In great timing, we started an entirely new course in History yesterday (new book and everything) about America from 1945 to 1989. I find it a lot more interesting than stodgy old Irish tenant farmers, so I tried to transform that goodwill into motivation by making flashcards about what we'd covered that day. Technically it was a piece of card folded a lot into flashcard sizes but not cut out for not-losing purposes. I want to do this section really really well. Speaking of which, I need to do that for what we covered today. *Adds to the TODO list* 

I did all my homework (in copies and everything, not on loose pages) which was nice. I also read part of the chapter and did some questions (orally) on Enzymes for Biology. I'm trying not to neglect Biology like I usually do and then have to cram it all into the last minute before a common exam. Oh, and I wrote in my Physics notes on time which is unusual for me.

Today I made flashcards (same type) for the first chapter of Chemistry and did essentially all the Core Revision questions in Algebra 1 in my maths book. It was a really great refresher as I'd forgotten a lot but I felt it coming back. After a while I got lost in it. I adore undetermined coefficients and triple simultaneous equations (at least the ones I've had to do so far. Please don't scare me by contradicting me). I really have to make a blog post singing my Maths teacher's praises because she has an amazing style of teaching and I'm very motivated to work and get an A1 in her class now. Oh, and while I left my Maths copy at home last night, I redid the homework in school rather than just leaving it. The repetition was good for learning, though quite challenging as I didn't have any of my notes to look over.

Also, in a move that makes me very happy, I bought 5 new copies! They're just normal copies but it's great. Now I can have my required French Homework, French Oral, Physics 3, Chemistry Definitions and Biology Homework copies. All is right in the world. Oh, and even though I hate the way the French teacher teaches, I typed up the vocab I got in class today which was good repetition.

Let's just hope I can keep it up. I need to start writing my Chemistry Definitions in and catch up on my many missing English notes soon (alliteration!). All that's left on the TODO list for today is to come up with 20 article ideas and those History flashcards.


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