Saturday, 7 February 2015


I think it’s about time now to talk about Fiverr. For those who don’t know, Fiverr is an online service marketplace where you advertise something that you’ll do for $5. Services range from puppet videos to blog links to voiceovers (and apparently some people actually send physical goods), and while as far as I know your base unit price has to be $5, you can add extras to your “gig” in $5 increments.

I joined Fiverr less than a week ago, with a gig saying I’d write 300 words for $5. 300 words, I reasoned, is not awfully taxing. I usually write 6 times that many words for free on this blog daily. I set my extras as +300 words for an extra fiver, and 1-day delivery for an extra fiver too.

After only two days on the site (which I joined on a whim, not really expecting anything), someone bit. A guy who wanted a 600 word article about foods to stockpile in case of an emergency. I thought this was a bit of a weird topic and was afraid he was one of those paranoid end-of-days people, but got researching and actually found that article quite fun to write. Did you know that honey can theoretically last forever without going off?

That was a good experience, I must say. The buyer was very communicative, paid me promptly and left a lovely 5-star review saying:

"Highly recommend this gig. Seller is very co-operative, thinks along with you and writes well."

My next buyer was an Australian woman who said she was a nutritionist who made tonics (I didn’t know what tonics were), and wanted an introduction to a piece she was writing about why you should look in your pantry before going to the doctor. I was a bit iffy about that one because it veered uncomfortably close to homeopathy, but I led in with a spiel about antibiotic resistance and unnecessary doctor visits and focused on foods that actually have proven benefits to assuage my conscience. She has yet to pay me (though I think she has a few more days to), so I hope the antibiotic thing went down alright.

The next one, whose message I saw in school yesterday, wanted a list of places to submit your KDP ebook free promotion. He sent me an article with that exact list to use as a template and said to move them around, add some new sites, add categories and vary my words so Google wouldn’t penalise the article. I’m a bit concerned about this one because I know essentially nothing about KDP ebooks and there’s already a thriving, almost impenetrable ecosystem online about them. This one I’m still working on, and I’m trying to go looking for sites myself before using the link he sent to ensure maximum originality.

I got another order around midnight last night, while I was up Skyping Ciarán (Ciarán and I played Chess online late last night, it was wonderful. I checkmated him once and in the next game we stalemated.), and Ciarán will tell you that I was quite surprised by it at first. The buyer had just purchased 3 separate gigs, each with an add-on, to a total of 6 units, so that was $30 – and then left no information. I was thinking, can these just be blog posts about anything? But he messaged me and it turns out he wants one 1,800 word article about storage space in NYC. He gave me some guidelines, which was very helpful, and I’m actually looking forward to this one. It’s a low pay rate for the amount of words, but it’s a challenge and it actually feels like writing unlike one of the others.

My most recent one came in this morning, from a designer who wants blog posts about scrapbooking and homemade cards. She said she wanted six posts but only bought one unit, so I told her I’d do one. She said if it goes well this can be ongoing weekly. I don’t really know how to write about scrapbooking but I’ll try.

Oh, and by the way – this post up to here is 682 words, done for free. And this is one of my shorter blog posts.


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