Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Harry Potter and Me

Nothing major to report today, again. AJ agreed to meet me and MOR, which reminds me I need to text Anna. I sent in that NYC article although I only got it up to 1000 words. I offered to discount the price to $20, which I think is fair enough. 

So, having been inspired by this wonderful image which I got from here:

When you change 'wand' to 'willy' in Harry Potter ��

I'm going to talk about the ways Harry Potter has interacted with my life. Just to give you a tip: I get very, very weirded out when I meet people who haven't read Harry Potter. 

So, to my knowledge I started reading the Harry Potter (inconsistent italics yay!) series when I was four. I had finished the first six books by the time I was seven, and (I thought I was very clever at the time for deducing this) realising that Hogwarts should have seven years of school, pestered Mam incessantly to get me the new one I was sure would be out on demand because c'mon, I was seven. 

But Deathly Hallows didn't come out until I was 8, which was very sad but at least meant I could prepare for the release. I hear that some people slept overnight to buy a copy of this book, but my local library held an event for the release and my sister and I won the prize for best fancy dress (we both went as Hermione and I'm pretty sure were the only ones who dressed up). So we took home two copies of the coveted Deathly Hallows, entirely free.

In an interesting coincidence, it turns out that my current best friend Kate had been planning to go to that event and had been working on her Luna costume for ages, but then was in Portugal at the time. She was very mad when she found out, although we only met four years later. Small world.

The movies were very exciting every time, of course, and I was really sad watching the end of Deathly Hallows Part 2 (July 2011, right?). As a kid, I hadn't been old enough to really appreciate Fred's death. It hit me then. 

During first and second year, I wrote Harry Potter fanfiction and published it on Wattpad. Dramione fanfiction, to be exact (groan). I looked back at it recently and saw that it has somewhere over 2,500 views. The writing and plot were hugely melodramatic and clichéd but the actual mechanics of language were a lot better than in most fanfiction so it's not too bad. 

I sent JK Rowling a letter or two, probably when I was in 6th class or 1st Year. I idolised Hermione at the time, but couldn't decide whether I was more like her or Luna. I drew pictures and wrote a long letter to Jo, and got a reply! Totally not written by Jo herself, yeah, but still pretty wonderful. I still really admire Hermione, and Emma Watson.

I joined Pottermore and, yep, left after I got Sorted (into Ravenclaw, thankfully). Pottermore itself never really grabbed me, but it's nice to have around as a continuation. I'm not sure how I feel about Jo tweeting and writing other books. I know it sounds stupid - it's her life - but I've always just associated her with this one particular series and so haven't wanted to read the other books. 

All these years, I've had to reply "Harry Potter" when asked my favourite book, just for the sentimental value. I don't care about the writing standard to be honest, and look upon the "Ron ejaculated" (actual canon) fondly. It was an experience. I'm sure there's lots more I'm not thinking of, but yeah. The funny thing is, I'm on the tail-end of the Harry Potter generation. The first book came out before I was born.

But I guess that's the power of Hogwarts. It's always there to welcome you home. 

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