Friday, 6 February 2015

Photo Friday #6

Photo Friday is a weekly event on this blog where I pick a photo that means something to me and talk about it. This week's photo is of my best friend at her 15th birthday. 

This picture just makes me laugh so much, honestly. Looking back in my camera roll, I have 29 photos from that day, but this one is just great. 

There's Ellen on the left, wearing the Zayn Malik mask, and Kate on the right decked out in her birthday tiara, sash and boa. The picture was taken at 19.38, a while after we all arrived for the birthday sleepover. 

There were around five of us there, and we put all her presents in the bathtub before she came in. 

It's scary how much my memory of the event was faded, but it's really great to see her so happy. It's also a marker of a moment; this was two months before her long obsession with One Direction (and specifically Zayn Malik) stopped, only to be replaced by one for 5 Seconds of Summer. 

So you can see her 1D wristbands there, and her room entirely covered in 1D posters:

Remember, this was on the other three walls, and I think at one point there were some posters on the ceiling too. It was an incredible obsession, but it's so sweet. And great teasing material. 

Anyway, at some point we went and got cake, and Chloe had made this gorgeous one (though I may be mixing up the years here), she's really talented at that sort of thing. 

Kate's parents had bought her two lifesize cardboard cutouts of Zayn for her birthday, so they stood as sentries while we ate. 

The face of obsession. 
Just look at that. That's her actual room. But yeah, Kate is an amazing hostess and people person, and someone I'm lucky to have as a best friend. 

I assume we watched a movie or something after that, but to be honest I mainly just remember being happy that night. 

Oh, wait, there was a blip in the form of James (boyfriend at the time). He'd given me an ultimatum of sorts, saying he wouldn't text me after April 20th until the Junior Cert. So I kept leaving Kate and all the rest of them to text him in the bathroom (during Pitch Perfect, I think). Which was a very bad move. 

Chicks before ... Bros before hoes, guys. 

It's pretty much impossible to describe our entire friendship in one post and we have lots more pictures together so I'm not going to try, but yeah. Go Kate. 

Oh, and I'm particularly proud of her recently because she just went and represented Ireland in the European Parliament for a week while looking picture perfect literally the entire time. But you'd better not leave me in French again ;)

Casually taking selfies with parliament seats in the background.

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