Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Return of the iPod

I was in the process of writing a review of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality this morning when I found my iPod, after many, many months (seriously - I'm guessing eight months). This is not an occasion that deserves to go unnoticed, okay?

Let's delve back into recent-past me. 

Firstly, music taste, because that's what iPods were originally intended for. I have approximately fifty songs on the iPod across two apps. I have a lot of CTYI songs - Mr. Brightside, Iris, Gay Bar (two copies). I forgot about all the scenes of A Very Potter Musical I have (I ended up deleting a lot of it a while ago, keeping only Scenes 1:1, 1:2, 1:11 and in the sequel, 1:8). I have some old favourites that I'd fogotten about until now (You Could Be Happy makes my heart sing, plus Call Your Girlfriend and How to Save a Life). I have a lot of Taylor Swift, including Back to December, Safe and Sound, Mine and Speak Now). 

There's all my Pentatonix, composed of Daft Punk medley, Royals cover, Save the World/Don't You Worry Child mashup. There are also some more idiosyncratic choices, including Remedy by Little Boots, Video Games by the Midnight Beast, La Cygne from Camille Saint-Saens (classical and very beautiful), Little Darling by Lewis Watson and a video of Artemis Fowl fanart set to a song by Cascada (Bad Boy, I think). 

I had forgotten about some delights like One by Sky Ferreira and Vanilla Twilight by Owl City, but I still had that pumping playlist on my computer that can be found on Youtube under "Motivational, Intense Study Music for those with Papers Due Tomorrow". 

Some Glee, Marina & the Diamonds, Mr. Saxobeat, Wrecking Ball, Let Her Go. Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter, some Avril Lavigne, Sail by AWOLNATION, Shatter Me with Lindsey Stirling, Lorde's whole album, Europa which is a song about the wars in European history ... yeah, I'm more listing than classifying now. Sorry about that. But I'm delighted to have them all back.

Now let's look at the apps I had. One that jumps out at me because I'm so relieved to have it back is my Kindle app, which means I can finally get to my Netgalley ARCs. Then, apart from all the preloaded apps, I have a Ukulele tuner, video stuff, Temple Run, that thing where you tap the squares which I never even liked, and Write 2 which had some documents I'm glad to see again, even though some (all) of them are hella embarrassing because they're diary entries. I have a specific password for that app, which is (hopefully) a lot harder than the one for my iPod as a whole. 

On my third page are SimpleMind+ (mindmapping), FeaturePoints and some survey app (never got anywhere with those), Twitter, the Cracked.com mobile reader, Tumblr, Bitsstrips, Lekh Diagram, Wordsmith, Write a book free (never used those three), Pinterest (didn't use that either) and Spotify. There is also a bookmark to a journal article about ELTD1's use as a biomarker for angiogenesis, entitled "A Core Human Primary Tumor Angiogenesis Signature Identifies the Endothelial Orphan Receptor ELTD1 as a Key Regulator of Angiogenesis" (for Young Scientist) and a bookmark to the 2nd draft of my first novel, purportedly so I could edit it. 

I tried to look at my Safari history, but that's apparently been cleared, which I'm guessing is because I haven't used it in so long. 

On the negative side, it is badly damaged (already was), so the camera is unusable and the top and bottom of the screen are all cracked. The home button doesn't work either, but thankfully darling Ciarán did a thing to put the home button on the screen one time in Scotch Hall. Hang on, was that on my birthday? That means it's only been lost for at most six months. Oops. ANYWAY.

So yeah: I'm really happy to have my iPod back, having dismissed it as a hopeless cause. I plan to use it for the Kindle app, my music and Spotify, and maybe for internet sometimes in places with wifi so I don't have to drag my laptop around everywhere.


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