Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tracklist Thursday #3: Pure Heroine - Lorde

This is the third round of Tracklist Thursday, where I try to make a coherent story out of the song titles on an album. This will be less regular than Photo Friday and may not happen every week. Feel free to suggest albums. I've chosen Pure Heroine by Lorde this week because it's an incredible album, but it's definitely going to be a challenge.

We meet out on the Tennis Court, her in her 400 Lux leggings, me in my bodice with hair frantically trying to escape my attempt at a high ponytail. The sun beats down on the rubbery tarmac like it's trying to punish us for our sins.

She walks like the Royals have personally blessed her, and I feel very out of place. She makes a tracksuit look like a ballgown, whereas I'm just faking it in this stupid get-up. I can feel my ribs through the stretched fabric, and hope they don't show. 

We walk, doing laps. I don't ask why. She tells me she's thinking of cutting her hair off. It's Buzzcut Season, I think, and I am right. Despite all her mystery and allure, she is very predictable. The day of the first magnolia buds, she talks about losing her hair, about transcending. Her seasons only last a couple of days, and she hasn't gone through with it yet. But there's a first time for everything, I suppose, and so I take her seriously. We are a Team, aren't we? A little unbalanced, maybe, but I'm with her for better or for worse, for the Glory and Gore. I thank whatever powers there may be in the universe when she comes back day after day and is Still Sane. 

I guess I shouldn't have to worry about that so often, but I can't abandon her now.

Anyway, I'm not going to let anyone else see what I'm thinking about. We are White Teeth Teens, perfect and unyielding, occupying A World Alone. They can watch us and they can try to laugh, but really they're afraid. Our Bravado will be either our death or our salvation, and I plan on sticking around to find out. They will treat us like the Million Dollar Bills we are.

I try to keep that in mind as I lead her into The Love Club. She's been so afraid, ever since last time, but it will be different, I swear. Biting Down on the magic pill that'll take us away, if only in mind, I lean into her.

With the drug running through my system, I worry that I'm becoming one of them. But this really is a Swingin Party, and we belong

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