Wednesday, 4 March 2015

BT Business Bootcamp: Day 3

Okay, I'm currently in the big room with everyone and it's really late so I'm tired and can't write much. For real, this time. I'll put up my timetable at some point, we have booklets with them. 

So very little detail you're getting today, lads.

Actually, now I've left that room and am in another one. I'm going to be so wrecked tomorrow and this really isn't blog-calibre, but sure it's authentic.

Off the top of my head:

- We had a talk by Rhona of Restored Hearing, a company that started from a Young Scientist project and is now worldwide and doing really well. They got 30,000 from an angel investor and are starting mass manufacture in China, which is awesome. Rhona seemed really passionate and approachable. Her co-founder did a clinical trial through her university which saved them millions. Awesome.

- We did design thinking and all this stuff, which was alright.

- We got a good bit of unstructured time to work on our project which I really liked.  We have a good start on the presentation/pitch now.

Lots more but I'm too tired. Night!

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