Sunday, 1 March 2015

Business Bootcamp: Sunday

I'm in the hotel and we only have 20 minutes of WiFi a day, so I can't write much.

Moya helped me pack and we had a nice weekend. MOR picked me up from home and dropped me to the train station. I took selfies on the train, like this one:

I'm dressed super businesslike, it's great. You should see my Business Stride TM.

I got off at Connolly and couldn't find my taxi driver until he called me. All was fine after that. I went to registration and was given a room key and letter, then was ordered to the bar to eat. Annie was there, who was in my category, as were Johnny and Basha. We had a nice time. 

There's a big group of us, but everyone's really friendly. It turns out that my roommate is Rachael Ni Dhonnachadha, who was on my row, in my category before they moved me, and won Best Individual. She's from a nearby school. There are a lot of Louth winners this year. I would've thought Conor Begley would be here, though.

The hotel room is pretty nice, and it turns out the lights are activated by my card. We have a 10 pm curfew along with the aforementioned 20 minutes of WiFi a day, which sucks. Maybe it'll wean me off my email addiction though. Having a phone with free texts and calls is really handy. 

Also, Annie is being really sweet and has offered to knock and wake me up because I don't trust my phone's alarm (considering it's only two days old and I don't know how to work it yet).

So yeah. We're going down for breakfast tomorrow around 8, then leaving on coaches at 8.30 to be in a mysterious location for 9.

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