Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fiverr, Two Months In

The last time I blogged about Fiverr, I only had three orders. Now that I have, like, 16 and have made around €120, I think it's time to revisit it. 


A taste of my orders:

- An Israeli man asked me to write a description of his company's products, and let me name my price. $50 for editing a 2000-word article.
- A repeat customer with what I assume is a blog about self-publishing wanted some posts. $20 for 2 short posts and link checking.
- A long article about housing and storage in NYC. That one caused me a lot of trouble, and I dropped the amount I'd do per $5 afterwards. $30.

Remember, though, that the site takes a 20% commission so I only get $40 from a $50 order.

Approximately half my buyers left reviews, which are satisfying.

Top-notch excellent job. I gave her a super hard task and she totally rocked it. I will definitely hire her again!

Highly recommend this gig. Seller is very cooperative, thinks along with you and writes well.  
What I love most is that I'm being taken seriously, and no one can be condescending about me being a teenager. Meritocracy woot! 

(Also, I just converted from dollars to euro and I have €120.17. That is awesomely close.)

Some stats:

My buyer satisfaction rating is 98%. That's from 6 100% ratings and one 90% rating (NYC). 

I have two repeat buyers.

My average selling price is $10, meaning people usually buy two gigs, or one gig and a gig extra.

I'm pretty amazed by how all these buyers find me with, what, 3 million gigs on the site? I haven't had as many orders in the last few days, which is weird. There's probably a pattern somewhere.

Overall, I'm enjoying Fiverr. It's relaxing because the buyers effectively think of the ideas for me, and the writing part is grand. Also, it's handy for school because I'm practising writing. Yaaay.  

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