Wednesday, 11 March 2015


This is just going to be a housekeeping post, with lots of different topics. Hope you can keep up with the rollercoaster.

Today (Tuesday) has been spectacularly productive in terms of homework, at least for me. I got home around half four and did my English (started in the car, a piece on Plath’s Black Rook in Rainy Weather), Physics graph and got slope, then wrote out tons of Physics formulae and attempted to learn them. Then I did all the Core Revision Questions for Maths (that I hadn’t already done) and some in Section C (Extended Response). You don’t understand how good that is. Still want internet back, though. I just worked on my poster for AJ, but I don’t know how else I can improve it so I closed it. No point in just tinkering with it when MOR has agreed to meet me tomorrow to look over it before I finally send it to AJ. I’m actually not entirely sure whether or not I did a February recap, but then nothing much happened in February so it’s k.

Let’s talk about the blog, because it’s been having some relatively exciting times recently. So, views shot up during Bootcamp, probably because people found about it (I wasn’t actively promoting it, I’m not that bad) and the news worked its way up the chain (Mari herself mentioned it on the last day). Day before yesterday, I had a record high of 335 views in a day (my previous high had been around 274). In the days before that, it had consistently been above 200.

Just briefly, I’m going to do a recap of last week, because it was a rare week where I did not have one single normal day (I’m defining “normal day” as either go to school where nothing particularly eventful happens – like today – or if it’s the weekend, sitting at home doing nothing. Days that wouldn’t merit a blog post, really).

Sunday 1/3/15

Arrive at train station approaching nine, get taxied to Stillorgan Park Hotel. Meet Annie, Johnny, Basha, Jack and later my roommate Rachael.

Monday 2/3/15

First day of Bootcamp proper. Annie rings to wake me up. Put into Team A, with the Homeless Wrap. Team are Emily, Kate, Mark and Seán. First pitch. Talk from Daniel and James, Bootcamp alumni, and Mary Lou from Intellectual Ventures. Visit Eddie Rockets. Talk to Rachael/Ciarán in hotel room. Think I only have 20 mins internet per day. Sleep well.

Tuesday 3/3/15

Annie tells me how to get 24 hour internet. Another day at Bootcamp in UCD Nova. Awesome talk from Rhona of Restored Hearing. Project work. Feel isolated that evening. Go to awful Indian restaurant where we stay for three hours, spending only 10 minutes eating. End up having to walk back to the hotel. Buy huge 2L bottle of water that costs way too much and that I don’t end up using. Gaff party in 153.

Wednesday 4/3/15

Am adventurous and bring breakfast croissant with me to Nova. Talk from ex-Microsoft employee, now entrepreneur, writer and leadership guru. After lunch, meeting with UCD experts (engineers and business MBAs) to talk through our projects. This part is not in Nova. A woman from the IDA (Irish Development Agency?) gives us a talk on why and how companies invest in Ireland. Set dinner in the hotel. Nerves. Gaff party for a while, then practising, then gaff party. Rachael and I stay up til about 1. Some people stay up til 5.

Thursday 5/3/15

Pitch day. Newstalk presenter Jonathan McRae talks to us about effective science communication in the morning. We practise our pitches. Our luggage has been taxied from the hotel to Nova. My group is the last to pitch. Finally, we pitch to the co-founder of YS plus assorted executives including Shay (sp?). We get certificates over lunch. An Tionchar win Best Group, and Kate wins Best Individual. Everyone leaves; Louis, Renuka and I are last, waiting for a taxi that’s late. I get the 6 o’ clock train and get Jerry to text mam saying how I’ll be getting home because my phone’s dead. I walk from the train station to school and attend the Careers Evening. It broadens my horizons a little.

Friday 6/3/15

I expected things to calm down around now. They don’t. I go to school and have a good day, I’m not half as far behind as I thought I would be, and get on really well in Maths (where I’m slow but still capable) and Chemistry (where all I missed was my favourite kind of class, where we figure things out for ourselves, but I can catch up fairly easily).

After school, I get the six o’ clock train to Connolly where Seán, Ciarán and Kevin pick me up. We walk to the bus while singing and have a conversation with this guy with an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt who just will not stop making sexist jokes and innuendoes. Very annoying. Play games with SCK, then Seán and Kevin leave and I sleep over at Ciarán’s.

Saturday 7/3/15

As I said in Saturday’s dedicated blog post, probably the best day of the year so far. Met up with Jerry while Ciarán was in grinds, had CTYI reunion, played ukulele, saw long-lost friends, Ciarán brought me to Nandos, Kevin came from Cork to see me, slept over at Ciarán’s again.

Bam! Pretty fab week, are we agreed?

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