Friday, 13 March 2015

Photo Friday #10: TY Lunchtime with the Tab

This week’s photo is one of the first photos I ever took on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I won the tablet at a lecture given by one of the guys who won the Nobel Prize for Physics (he did real-world experiments with quantum mechanics). Cahal got me a ticket. Matheson was sponsoring the event, and said whoever asked the best question at the end would win two tablets; one for themselves and one for their school.

So yeah, I apparently asked the best question and got a brand new tablet to take home (though I don’t think my school ever did – maybe it went to CTYI, as that was how I got there?). I’m very lucky that way, though it did take courage to stand up and ask the question. It wasn’t a smart question, just something like “How does quantum cryptography work?”, but everyone else asked really convoluted questions trying to sound smart and I’d taken really good (through scribbled and almost illegible) notes and noticed that quantum cryptography was the only thing he mentioned but didn’t explain. Also, I was the first person to ask a question. Question-asking technique, guys: it matters.

I brought the tablet back to school with me (I was dropped back from the lecture by Cahal’s mam during school, and went to Drama) and at lunch the next day took a lot of photos. This one is of me and Kate (I’ve done a whole Photo Friday about her 15th birthday), and you can see Elayna and Clodagh in the background.

I remember being amazed by the excellent quality of photos on the tablet, and by how good the sound was. It was technology I never would’ve had had I not won it, because I couldn’t afford something like that. Very fancy indeed. You can see I’m in my school uniform but wearing a weird jacket because I’d forgotten/lost my proper one, which happened to me way too much. I actually haven’t lost my jacket at all since I started 5th Year, amazingly. Be proud.

There are loads of photos from that day, including a cupcake set I’m going to make into a separate Photo Friday.

Here are some adorable lunchtime ones.


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  1. It looks like the tablet is a lot of fun—and how cool that you got to attend the lecture and win it! Congratulations! :D