Thursday, 26 March 2015

Smatterings of Medium

So, Medium is a newish blogging platform, founded by Biz Stone and Evan Williams of Twitter.

Something I love about it is that you can comment/favourite on the relevant line or paragraph, rather than having to put it down the bottom out of context. Articles are clean and white, with beautiful text and huge, gorgeous photos.

I find a selection of brilliant, engaging articles on my homepage all the time, sent my way by the Medium staff, or by articles I previously Recommended (recommending an article is, importantly, very easy to do; it’s just a matter of clicking a heart that’s always on the page. Convenience!)

Medium has different channels, which as far as I can tell are like little newspapers in and of themselves. The first one I liked was Backchannel, which I found from this article:

Now, although the writer of this article annoyed me because he was super entitled and thought he could speak for all teenagers, it was a good, meaty, visually pleasing article. And at the bottom of each article, Medium has a few similar articles you can click on.

I swear, it’s an almost TV Tropes-like level of addiction. I currently have 15 Medium tabs open. And the recommendations are just so good.

I found a list on my profile of the articles I’ve recommended. This one was amazing, probably my favourite ever so far (and longish; another handy Medium feature is that it gives you an estimate on the homepage of how long each article will take to read, and this one is marked 9 mins):

This article has some absolutely fascinating graphs, thoughtful and thorough commentary, and an awesome lack of technical jargon. If you’re at all interested in Moore’s Law, I really recommend it.

Then there are pithy, shorter ones like this, which talks about a pair of tracksuit bottoms the author wore over Christmas in a Q & A style.

I have considered writing for Medium myself, but I’m a little scared to touch that perfect white page (and I guess I want everything on my own blog). But who knows, I may well give it a go.  

I’m writing this in school at lunch, but when I have time and/or reliable internet, I’ll probably do this post up a bit and post it on Medium. Let’s see how that goes.
But yeah, awesome site.

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