Sunday, 26 April 2015

Jude's Communion

So, yesterday (no more lies) was my brother Jude's Communion. For those not in the know, it's a Catholic sacrament where children spend almost a whole year in school preparing for this one long mass where they get to eat the unleavened bread for the first time, which we're supposed to believe and support as cannibalism. 

Essentially, it's a big social thing where families show off how pious - and more importantly - how well put-together they are. You buy a suit/dress that the Communion child is never going to wear again. Luckily, I think my family pulled that off. 

This is a picture of my brothers before we left for the church, taken on my iPad:

The mass was pretty standard. The priest is nice and laid-back - while he did keep telling people to stop talking and be reverent, he did pause the ceremony halfway through to ask if he should turn the heating off. Good craic. One of the little girls there had a huge, rigid skirt. It looked awesome but must have been hard to sit down in.

It was very creepy, however, when the priest kept going on about eating the flesh of Christ. It's a stupid belief, transubstantiation. Just go ahead and call it cannibalism, you know you want to. All hail cannibalism.

Anyway, afterwards we had the fun part where we went back to the school reception to get food. I ate a lot, it was great. Wraps and sandwiches and lots of sweets, I don't discriminate.

This is me and mam in the church, a rare photo where I don't mind my smile:

While we were gorging ourselves at the reception, my primary school principal came over and started talking to us, basically asking about what we'd been up to since leaving the school. It was a lot. 

Here's a picture of most of us, plus some of Jude's friends:

It's so depressing how Moya (right) looks older and more sophisticated than me, when really she's nearly two years younger.

This woman at the reception asked if I was the one who did the music, and I said yes. She congratulated me on winning "some award", saying she'd seen me in the paper. I didn't really know which one she was talking about but it was nice to hear, I guess. 

Moya looking older than me again, and less fuzzy:

Then the brothers went off to a trampoline place to have some fun. Pretty nice day. 

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