Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Damn Name

So, you might be wondering about the message in my header. Weird thing to emphasise, right? Not really. It's one of the most common things I'm forced to say to new people I meet.  

My name is Elle. 

Pronounced like ELLIE only it's spelt without the 'i' you're probably expecting.


It's not actually that hard, but apparently most people just can't get this into their heads. I mean, I can't remember ever meeting someone who guessed my name right first time, though it's probably happened.

I get -




and then when people hear my name but don't see it spelled, it's the other way around.

People usually just throw in an 'i', but they also get creative with my last name so instead of Elle Loughran in newspapers or whatever I end up with:

Ellie McLoughlan

Ellie McLoughran

Ella Loughlin

The first day of a new year means new teachers, and boy do they have trouble with my name on the roll call.

“...El Loughran?”

So then I have to interrupt. “It's Ell-ee.”

It probably comes across as rude, but when people tell you your name is spelled wrong every day it gets so, so annoying.

I know I can't expect people to get it right straight off, but come on. I didn't choose to be given this name. I'm pretty defensive over it now but that's only because I have to be – if I could've told my mother to, you know, not, at the time, I would have. Maybe.

So don't have a rerun of this conversation:

Someone: So why's your name spelled wrong?
Me: It's ... my name
Someone: But it's meant to be spelled with an 'i'.
Me: I ... I think I know how to spell my own name.
Someone: But it's wroooong. *high-pitched whiny voice*

Another inconvenient thing is having to be aware of not just your actual name, but anything else someone might conceivably call you. You know, if someone's trying to get your attention. Sometimes if I'm in a bad mood I'm like “Nope, not gonna respond to that, that's not my name” but if it's someone who'd never met me before it's obviously fair enough.

This blog name is a play on my email address, which is 'izzyroselle', and the fact that my hair is a hopeless ball of frizz most of the time. (My middle names are isobelle and rose, so that's where those parts come from.) Only most people will probably pronounce it frizzyrosel, and don't even get the reference.

But you know what? Whoops.

Another thing is that when a name is completely unfamiliar (say, an ethnic name), people ask how to pronounce it or at least take your word for it when you say they're wrong. But with my name it's almost familiar so they assume they know it.

(They don't. They really don't. You don't know me! Nobody understands me! *sarcasm*).

But yeah. Takeaway from this is, I guess, don't be a self-entitled prick. I know my name's flawed, but I'm pretty stuck with it so don't make things difficult. 


Yes, this is the same as one of the two videos on my failed Youtube channel. But I thought it needed to be said here in my preferred medium. 

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