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Head Girl Campaigns

The Head Girl campaigns are in full swing in my school at the moment, and I decided to cover them for the blog. Because let's face it, this is more relevant to students in my area at the moment than General Elections, and this Thursday we'll get our first opportunity to participate in democracy. 

Seven potential Head Girls were chosen two weeks ago (while I was at the conference, sadly) - one from each class in 5th Year and then a Wild Card chosen by the entire year.

The nominees are, in alphabetical order: Sophie, Aoife, Sarah, Ellen M, Ellen McQ, Onai and Alison. (I'm only giving first names for relative anonymity.)

The nominees have campaign teams and posters up all around the school, and last Thursday we were given speeches by all of them on what they think a Head Girl should be like and why they fit the job, so I'm going to break this down by the speeches, again in alphabetical order.


Sophie repeated that if she got the job, she wouldn't swan around saying "Oh I'm Head Girl, I'm fabulous." She was extremely humble, and said that if someone had told her in first year she'd end up being nominated for Head Girl she'd have thought they were crazy.


I mostly know Aoife from Briery Gap, where she played the lead role - so I know she's a very good speaker, which is helpful. We don't really have anything in common, though, so we don't really talk. She said that coming to Greenhills was the best decision her mother ever made for her, and that she wants to be a good Head Girl to the first years because that's when you build your foundation, and that it's never too late to do that and keep going.


I'll admit it, Sarah is the one I was always planning on voting #1. If I'm on anyone's campaign team, it's hers. 

But still, her speech was by far the best. It was just absolutely hilarious, and you can really see her public speaking experience kicking in. Super charismatic, energetic and only the right amount of self-deprecation (the girl with hair "three times too big for the size of her head"), whereas some others were too negative about their abilities. 

She told this amazing anecdote about how she was planning to go to Sacred Heart until she found out rollerblading was against the rules there --

"If they don't get my wheels, they get none of me."

I don't know if it was true, but it was great. 

She went on to say that she admits to being the "saddo" that loves school, but remained approachable by talking about the 'one' day she hated school, when she "just couldn't hack that study sesh". "Me and you are broken up", she declared to Fifth Year, then went on to a sappy story about how someone smiled at her and made it all better. Weak conclusion, but so well delivered. 

She then rounded it out by saying the girls in my school are "dead sound people" and that she wants to provide that soundness. We're "the queens of soundness" at this school, she said, and although that was sucking up, she executed it well. 

In closing, she said her smile is "permanently engraved" on her face, and that she'll always be there to bring happiness to the school.

Lots of applause.

Ellen M

I hadn't really considered Ellen prior to this (partly because she had few posters at the time), but her speech was funny. She capitalized on her narcolepsy, saying:

"I'm probably not the best candidate, considering I will fall asleep on the job a few times. I promise to be there for you all the time, when I'm awake."

She also quoted Spiderman:

As a great man, Spiderman's uncle, said, "With great power comes great responsibility." I think Head Girl is like being Spiderman.

So that was cool, and has definitely moved her up my voting card. We've debated together before, which is cool. 

Ellen McQ

Before the speeches, I had planned to vote Ellen #2. Voting her would mainly be because we were in the same friend group for three years, which is favouritism. Then again, she would make a good Head Girl or Vice. 

She said we may know her from hearing her laugh, as the Mayor of New York City, or from other things I didn't listen to. Her laugh is amazing and very distinctive - half my TY class had it as their ringtone at one point. It sounds like a seal. Best part of the speech was when she started doing the laugh halfway through. 

On a more serious note, you could definitely see her doing her Barrister thing from Mock Trials last year.


Onai is the only Head Girl nominee who didn't do TY, so I'd never met nor heard of her before. It took me a while to get used to the way she speaks, but she was a powerful speaker so I was impressed. Her speech came off spontaneous in a good way. 

I didn't really like a lot of the slang and being cool ("It's about being a homie.") but I did like how she closed her points, like "If you need me for the X Factor I am here" - to emphasise how she'd always be there for us. I also empathized with "There's nothing worse than feeling alone when you're surrounded by a thousand people."

She ended with a HSM slogan and a call to action ("No mo talkin' les get voteeeeeen!" Motivational, I guess. 


Alison's speech was really well-structured. She said she came into 5th Year with two aims: to last longer than a week in HL Maths, and to become Head Girl. In her words - "I lasted a grand total of 8 days in HL." Fill in the blanks.

It was a good speech.


So there we go. We have a lot of non-nerdy nominees, and I wouldn't have predicted a lot of these, but they all have something to bring to the table. There are some people I think would be great who didn't put themselves forward or get nominated, who I won't name but I've said it to them. I'm voting Sarah #1 but my #2 is still to be decided. 

Good on all of you. 

Random picture of my school being pretty: 

Update 15/5: I ended up voting Sarah, followed by the Ellens. Sarah and Onai won, which I'm very happy with. Good on both of them. 

I've been told that some people were upset by their portrayal in this post. I got permission from the majority of the nominees to take quotes and write about them, but I must have missed one or two people, and these people are now annoyed. I'm sorry if you were offended; however, I wouldn't put derogatory comments about people on the Internet and I'm exceedingly surprised people think I would. Not only would that be a stupid move, I've been bullied before, and I'm not that kind of person. I understand that some phrasing was ambiguous (by academic I mean studious, not smart, for example), but I really don't understand why people would be offended by me saying they seem nervous. That's normal in public speaking, yet people seem to have taken it as an insult. This could be just me, but since I read through this post multiple times before posting it and couldn't find anything wrong, you must have been looking for problems. I am well within my rights to support a particular candidate on my personal blog. Everything I wrote is true, but it's not objective. And that's okay. 

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