Monday, 11 May 2015

How to Succeed at Science Fairs

Last night, I posted a guide to succeeding at science fairs, from the BT Young Scientist to Sentinus to the Google Science Fair. I tried to cross-post it here but the Blogger formatting won't let me, so here's a link. is a really gorgeous platform, and I got Ciara Judge to check the post over for accuracy before posting it (Google Science Fair), as I don't know the other two as well. 

I'm not really sure what compelled me to write the post, it just flashed into my head last night and Medium is really easy to write in.

My headings are:

1. Time
2. Resources
3. Idea
4. Pitch
5. Personal
6. Finish

It's a pretty comprehensive post, and I'm proud of it. Last chance to get linked over. 

Unrelated: blog hit a milestone today, and got the highest daily viewcount ever - 619. My previous highest was 335. So that's pretty cool.

Probably part thanks to some Tweets Evolve Biomed and AMBER spontaneously posted:

I'm fond of both of these because usually big organizations only mention me in replies, whereas here they had obviously read my blog (one even quoted) and actually sought me out to some degree. So that was flattering.

Hope you enjoy the post. See you tomorrow. 

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