Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Nightmare of a ToDo list

I'm afraid today's post is just going to be me going on about how tired I am, neatly framed by complaining about my monstrous to-do list. And really, I am so tired. Two exams in one day (5 hours in total), plus project stuff, plus stuff for other projects, plus wow I'm not being very clear here, am I?

Let's get to the frame aka crutch.

So here's my To-Do list. I wasn't given the paper for my second exam today until really late, so I spent the time making the list much more intricate than usual. 1, 2 and 3 say how difficult I estimate the task to be (e.g. doing an exam paper is a 3, sending an email I've already written is a 1). The checkboxes really add to the feeling of satisfaction, and it's even better if I write down the time I completed the task but I don't always do that. I also made an order just to focus me because I was feeling overwhelmed. I didn't fully stick to it, but it helped, I think. C means the task requires using a computer, and I try to keep an eye on those so I don't get sucked into the Procrastination Machine. 

1. Irish exam

Hey, it may have been mandatory, but I was still going to write it down. I wanted that sense of accomplishment. I mean, what's the point of putting effort into something if I don't get to do that satisfying little tick? 

Then again, I didn't actually put that much effort in because I was exhausted and starving (so much so that I kept writing "luncht" instead of "lucht" - on three separate occasions). 

2. Transfer money

This is to pay for CTYI with money I earned writing. And oh man is it a pain in the neck.

3. Find/get new registration form

This is for school next year. I've lost the form with three days left to go before summer. Good job, me.

4. Group human problems, write causes, solutions

A few days ago, I made a list of the biggest problems I think face humanity today, and today I came up with causes and possible solutions for them. I know that sounds odd, but I didn't give my imagination any constraints and it was an interesting exercise, going after the causes instead of the symptoms. For example, one of the causes of "War" I wrote was "Borders", so the solution is to eliminate countries. A lot of them are more reasonable than that, but I wasn't going to introduce any constraints this early on.

5. Email AJ methods + reagents

This is for my research.

6. Blog post


7. Brush hair

I know it's odd to write it down, but I'll forget otherwise.

8. Email Breanndán

Breanndán's from the Mill and I wanted his feedback on an idea I had. I'm getting less anxious when sending important emails, at last.

9. Write account of yesterday's meeting in Young Scientist notebook

Have to keep track of things, and that's my lab notebook.

10. Study chemistry (especially historical chemists and experiments)

I have not done this although I should, since I have a chemistry exam tomorrow morning. I'm just so tired. I did so some study in the past few weeks though, so hopefully I'll get through it okay (i.e. with an A2). Oh, wishful thinking.

11. Get medical form ready to send

This is for CTYI, and I've lost it. Sigh.

12. Send email about paper

I had a query about something I read in a journal article for my research. I emailed one of the authors, and to my surprise he responded almost immediately. He did pass me on, but it was still great. 

13. Study physics

I did this while waiting for my French exam paper, and only because I had nothing else useful with me. I just read through my notes, not taking much in.

14. Ask in office about cheque(s)

I won some money, but it has not appeared. Apparently I have to prove I won it, so I'm bringing in the proof tomorrow and hopefully I'll get it then.

15. Send choir diary

Choir teacher asked for the choir diary, which I'm supposed to have been keeping throughout the year. It's quite ... sparse. At least it's sent now.

16. Do French exam

I was given the exam only 25 minutes before school ended (it's supposed to be 2.5 hours), so I finished it at home. And no, I didn't cheat. That would be counterproductive.

I've done 13/16 things, leaving out the study and finding those forms because I can't. What an insight into my uber-exciting life, right?


I'm not going to talk about the death for fear of cheapening it, but my condolences to everyone who knew her. 

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