Wednesday, 20 May 2015

On the Radio (15 Minutes of Fame)

My principal pulled me out of Chemistry yesterday afternoon to show me an email she'd received saying I was wanted on LMFM Radio to talk about 'your recent achievement' i.e. winning Drogheda Young Innovators last Friday. I'd be interviewed alongside someone from the Mill, which hosted the competition. I was definitely nervous about simplifying my work for the layman and speaking live on radio, but I said yes and went back to Chemistry. Last night, I quickly wrote down what I was going to say in response to some common questions. 

Then today I had to find someone to come with me, as. the Vice-Principal would be giving me a lift to the radio station. I brought Tierney but the VP took a while, so I was late. When I got there, the presenter told me I was on air in two minutes and to come straight through. They'd feared I wouldn't  turn up.  

Apparently the guy from the Mill, Brendan, was glad I did, because he didn't know how to explain my project himself. I sat down in the recording room and was told to take off my coat and settle down. There was music playing so we weren't on air.  I folded my hands on the desk to stop me disgusting and kept glancing over at Tierney. I know it's not that big of a deal, but I was nervous. It was my first time, after all. 

The presenter talked to Brendan first about the aims of the mill and entrepreneurship in the area. Then he introduced me as 'Ellen' and said I was in TY, neither of which were right. As I said on Twitter, I'll consider myself a success when people get my name right first time. He asked me about my project and I think I explained it pretty well. He then asked some questions I hadn't anticipated, like why I entered the competition (I blathered on for a bit about how I did it last year and then complimented the competition a lot). He asked where I was going next, and he didn't seem satisfied with my answer but oh well. Tierney said afterwards it seemed like I wasn't nervous at all, so thanks Tierney, you're the best. 

The interview lasted literally fifteen minutes, which was funny. Afterwards they took some photos of me and Brendan, which they then Tweeted. 

The Mill also Tweeted something very nice, so thanks guys. Glad I succeeded on that count. 

During the interview, Brendan said he hopes I can follow in Anna's footsteps and represent Ireland in America. I'd love that. Strange to hear it phrased like that though. After the photos, Brendan dropped us back to the school and we put the boards back. The cheques will arrive tomorrow, apparently.

In conclusion. I'm relieved. That radio interview went fine, and for once it's something I'm not worried about. Cheers to all the LMFM crew. 

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