Sunday, 24 May 2015

One Month of the iPad

On Friday the 24th of April, exactly one month ago, I won an iPad mini from the Dept. of Education. You can read about the awards ceremony for that here, but this post is about my experience of the iPad.

Here's a picture of one of its screens, to get us started.

I really love that it's Mini. At first, I thought a Mini wouldn't be as good as a full-sized iPad, but this suits me perfectly. It was just the right size to carry around with me at Evolve Biomed, for example: it doesn't quite fit in one hand, but it's easily light enough to carry around while livetweeting.

I got addicted scarily fast. Remember, I've only had this iPad for one month, and yet it's rarely out of my reach. I bring it to school just so I can use it at lunch time, when it's technically not forbidden. Especially now that my laptop is barely usable thanks to its narcolepsy, it's the last thing I see before I go to sleep. 

I really appreciate the apps. I'm big into apps now, especially Twitter and Medium. Before this, the only app-capable device I had was the iPod, which is shattered and hopelessly behind on updates - it can't go any further than iOS 6.1, which means I couldn't get Dropbox, Skype, Hangouts and a lot of other popular apps. I play Spotify an awful lot now.

I love how up-to-date it is. Maybe a strange comment, but things on the iPad are pretty effortless. It can just do things, almost always, without  having to wonder whether it can handle the next update. It's a smart device, and just seems intuitive. 

It's pretty, but not stunning. I remember being amazed by the beauty of the tablet I won a year ago. That one was a Samsung Galaxy Tab and it was gorgeous. Image quality was just phenomenal, especially when it woke up onto the homescreen. I could just be jaded by now, but I didn't have that same astonishment with the iPad. It's still very pretty though, don't get me wrong.

There are some things it can't do. The iPad can't, for instance, use Codecademy (or rather, allow me to use Codecademy on it). I think that's because Apple devices don't have Flash, but that's a definite limitation. It's also a pain to type on (which was the case with the Galaxy Tab too), so I may consider investing in a keyboard for it. When I have to type something long, I have to go back to my narcoleptic laptop (three seconds after I wrote "narcoleptic laptop", the laptop killed itself. Twice. Suitable). The browser also isn't great, but I'm not sure how that could be fixed. 

In summary, I wouldn't have bought it with my own money, but I do love it. I think I always do that with any new technology I get, just start to identify with and love it. But this one is very handy. 

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