Friday, 29 May 2015

Pros and Cons of Long Summer Holidays

Pro #1: Freedom

I think this is the point of summer holidays – months where you can do whatever you want.

Con #1: Lack of Structure

The routine of school (get up at seven, breakfast, uniform, school, home around four, homework, activities, bed) can get tiring, but it’s a really useful structure, and I sometimes feel at a loss when summer starts. I need to get a lot of projects running stat to compensate for not having to do homework or studying. Plans for this summer include my research, this blog, maybe some writing and business stuff. I’ll flesh that out in a later post.

Pro #2: Motivation

For a lot of people, summer is something to look forward to to get you through the year. I don’t think this is a particularly healthy attitude (ideally you should love what you do daily) but it’s definitely real.

Con #2: Forgetting Everything

There’s some actual science done on this, but it’s pretty obvious. When you’re off school for three months, you forget a huge amount of what you’ve learned – which is probably what the majority of revision in 6th year is for. After I did my History exam week, I put down my books and rejoiced at not having to look at History for three months. I’m so going to kick myself for that next year.

To offset this, I might do some revision over the summer. Depends how busy I am.

Pro #3: Variety

I think it’s good that the year is broken up into summer and not-summer (and smaller breaks for Christmas and Easter). It introduces variety and seasons into life.

Con #3: Boredom

Summer does drag on. Once it gets into the third month, especially if you don’t have much on, you get bored. There’s nothing you have to do, no deadlines, so you sit around and watch TV and then feel awful. I heard once that the point of summer holidays is to do nothing for so long that you actually want to go back to school.

Pro #4: Potential

Summers, when done right, are extremely memorable. We take routine school days for granted, and I feel like people appreciate life more in summer. There’s just so much you can do in one summer, especially with a pinch of serendipity.

Con #4: Not Seeing Friends
I have groups of friends both inside and outside school, but I very rarely see my school friends outside. There are people I talk to 5/7 days a week in the school year, sit with them at lunch, share the goss, and then don’t see for months at a time during the summer. It’s a relationship of convenience, I guess. Then there are people I see only during the summer, i.e. the majority of people in CTYI (although some close friends have transcended that and we meet up throughout the year – of course).

I tried to come up with an equal number of points for each side, but I am of course happy to be on summer break. Like I said, I’m going to write about my summer plans here in the next couple of days. But first, a day or two of taking it easy. 

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