Sunday, 10 May 2015

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This post should hopefully reduce the amount of people asking what I want to do when I'm older (not much older - eek), but I'm also going to give you some of the history of my ambitions.

The first thing I remember wanting to be was a surgeon. Between the approximate ages of six and ten, I wanted to grow up and become a surgeon. Probably not the most common dream, but there you go.


That dream ended when I was given the Nintendo DS game Trauma Center, where you're a surgeon and have to perform virtual operations. That scared the hell out of me, and I just couldn't get the hang of it. I remember the first operation involved removing shards of glass from a biker's arm after a motorcycle accident, and I just couldn't find the bin for the shards, and the music was terrifying, and the nurses and timers would not stop pressuring me... 

Now, I know it's not a good idea to base your career path on a game. But that's what killed the dream for me.

From around ten to fourteen, I wanted to be a popstar. This career choice is definitely more normal. I entered talent competitions, sang all the time and endlessly doodled what I'd look like as a world-famous singer.

I'm alright at singing, but that one didn't pan out very well. Still love to sing though.

I can't really pin down the age I first started wanting to be a writer - it just seems like something constant. I was always writing poems, stories and the start of novels as a kid, but it was only when I was about 13 that I realised that could be an actual career. It was just a thing I did naturally before that.

The story of how I got into wanting to be a scientist is pretty interesting. At the end of my first year in secondary school, when I was 12, I actually tried to drop Science as a subject so that I could do both Art and Music for Junior Cert. Luckily, the Guidance Counsellor wouldn't let me, probably because of my high grades in it. I had a really good Science teacher up to Junior Cert, and started to love Science. English was still my favourite subject up to 3rd Year, but Science was definitely up there.

Then in TY I did Young Scientist and a ton of work experience, and just became obsessed with science.

My career ambitions haven't changed much since TY - as it stands, I want to be a researcher, blogger and writer. 

When I tell people this, they often say "Oh, so you want to write about science?" and I repeat: nope. I want to do both. I intend to get a degree in science (because you don't need a degree to be a writer) and go into academia - although I think academia could do with some revitalisation - while writing and blogging on the side. I mean, if I can do it in school, why can't I do it as an adult? I really don't believe in shutting yourself off from fields. There's always the possibility of burnout, but once I avoid that I should be okay.

I'm not sure exactly what area of science I want to go into - I have enjoyed nanotech, but I also like immunology and stars and lots of things, so I want to do an Omnibus degree. 

So there you go - that's what I want to be. I've listed my life goals, and soon I'll post those too, so you can see what my dreams are. 

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