Monday, 15 June 2015

My Top 9 Dream Destinations

Think the title says it all, really - these are the places in the world I want to visit. I haven't really looked into this much beforehand so I'm sure I'm leaving some awesome places off the list - so if you think I've missed somewhere, just leave a comment or Tweet @frizzyroselle to let me know. 

As usual, not in order. I don't really like holidays where I'm constantly rushing around, so I need to find a nice balance between that and sitting inside all day where I can take in the place at a leisurely pace. 

London, England

I've often thought I'd like to live in London. I'm not particularly into exotic places, and I think all the landmarks and things going on in London are very cool. Like Dublin, but amped up (she says without knowing what she's talking about). I'd love to visit Madame Tussaud's, the Harry Potter studio, various palaces, museums, Big Ben, parks ... I just think London would be such a cool place. And with the added benefit of not having to learn a new language. And thanks to Outbox Incubator, to which I just got accepted (eee!), I can visit London this summer. 

New York City, USA

Can you tell I like cities? I want to visit NYC for many of the same reasons I want to visit London. Also, I hear NYC has an eclectic culture, and nearly all publishing activity is based there. Could be very cool to see such a big city and what goes on there.

Rome, Italy

I think my desire to go here stems from 1st Year History, learning about Ancient Rome. The Renaissance is cool and all, but man, Rome. I just have to see all the architecture and history and pretty things and be very chill. Well, not very chill because Continental Europe is pretty hot. But still. 

Prague, Czech Republic

I really want to go here, it sounds so beautiful and picturesque. I'm dying to go after reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, which describes it beautifully. I think Eva Ibbotson wrote about Prague or a similar city too. Vienna, maybe. I want to go there too. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I admit this is inspired by The Fault in Our Stars movie, and it's similar to why I want to go to Prague. I love all these historical European cities. The canals and architecture are awesome.

Cologne, Germany

I've actually been here before twice (I was a toddler one of the times though, so it doesn't really count) and it's gorgeous. I love Cologne Cathedral, all the street performers, the sun and the bakeries everywhere. 


I know I'm being pretty vague here, but I'd love to go somewhere quaint and cute, with chocolate and a slow pace of life. American tourists seem to think that's Ireland - I assure you, it is not. Maybe some small parts of Switzerland  really are like Christmas fairytales. 

Hong Kong

I'm not sure if I'd like full-on China as it seems quite restrictive, so perhaps Hong Kong. It seems like a place that should be experienced at least once.

San Francisco, California

Because c'mon. San Francisco. 

Okay, this list is getting super long so I'll leave it there. Tell me what you think in the comments below. 

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