Thursday, 4 June 2015

Summer Plans & Projects

Hey. It's the seventh day of the summer holidays and I haven't really done anything so far, so here are my summer plans and projects. Subject to change, obviously. Projects are in blue, events and plans are in pink. 


On Monday the 8th of June, I'm giving a presentation in St. James' hospital, after which I will hopefully be continuing my research there and in CRANN if I get the go-ahead. 

Interview with Harry McCann

On Friday 12th June, I'm interviewing Harry McCann, founder of the Digital Youth Council and KidTech. So that'll be cool. 


I'm going to keep going with this blog and my book blog. I can get a bit more reading done during the summer, and I'll be getting my first paper ARC next month (Asking For It by Louise O' Neill)! I don't have specific goals for this blog - I'm going to blog every day insofar as is possible up until July 1st, but after that it might only be a few times a week so the posts can be really high-quality. 

Visit to Intellectual Ventures Dublin HQ

This keeps getting put off. My teacher and I were all set to go tomorrow, 5th of June, but then they cancelled. Which is not good. So now I have to find another date. Anyway, it'll probably be a fun day when I do go up.


I've made about €150 from my Fiverr writing gig so far, but this summer I'm going to diversify and put up different gigs, as interest in my first one has waned. I'm trying to think of really creative, unique ones at the moment. 

I may also try to get my work into other outlets and do some journalism, but I haven't decided on that yet. 

Sentinus N.I. Young Innovators

This is the Northern Ireland version of the BT Young Scientist, and it's on the 23rd of June. I came second overall in it last year, and I really hope I can beat that this year because I've worked extremely hard on my project. 

Start a Business

I really want to be an entrepreneur and start a business. I have lots of ideas and things I want to start, but I don't yet have a really good commerically-orientated idea, so I'm going to work on that.

Trip to Seattle with Intellectual Ventures

At the Young Scientist, I won a trip to Seattle sponsored by patent giant Intellectual Ventures. I'll be spending a week there with my Mam, with a mix of lab visits and tourism. I've only ever been to Germany before, so this'll be exciting. This is in the second week of July.


As you may have figured out by now, the plans/events are in chronological order but the projects are just scattered through, because they'll be an ongoing thing.

I want to finish the Codecademy Intro to Ruby course by the end of the summer. I don't know if it'll happen, but I'd like to. I've already done the HTML/CSS course, but that's just baby programming, at least at this level. Ruby is gorgeous.


I'll be going straight from the airport to CTYI, where I'll be spending the better part of three weeks doing the Popular Fiction course (may transfer to Medicine) and having gallons of fun. CTYI is hands-down my favourite part of the year, and I cannot wait to have all of my friends together in one place. 

Outbox Incubator

This may or may not happen, but I've applied to go to Outbox Incubator for two weeks in August, starting the 10th (the day before my birthday). It's an intensive STEM programme for female entrepreneurs, and I really hope I get in because it sounds amazing. Promises of free food are definitely attractive too. 

Family Holidays

I don't actually know any details of this yet, but my family will probably holiday somewhere in Ireland.


There are monthly big CTYI reunions and weekly small ones, so I'll try to make it to as many of those as I can because they make me happy. 


So there you go. That's what I plan to do with my summer. It probably won't work out exactly that way. 

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