Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Mocks

So, I've survived the mocks! *confetti* and this is how I feel:

The mocks were exhausting, more than anything else. I wasn't much more stressed than I usually am (I'm a very stressy person and exams are actually relatively relaxing) except right before the exams (you know that tense moment after you put away your books before the exam script lands on your desk). I'm very proud I got them done, even though it's a standard sixth year thing, because they were definitely a piece of work. 

It feels weird as well - the mocks are, at least in my mind, this sixth year rite of passage saying you're nearly at the end, that now there's nothing between me and the Leaving Cert and the end of my time in secondary school. Strange feeling.

I'm proud of the fact that I didn't run out of time in any of the mocks.

Lil breakdown of how the mocks went, since they've taken all of my focus this month:

English Paper 1: Grand, not a particularly inspired essay but fine.

Irish Paper 1: Easy, just a listening and then about two hours to write one essay about the difficulty of choosing a way of life.

History: Didn't love the essay titles but actually think I did pretty damn well in that exam. Not running out of time in history is fab.

Chemistry: Horrible paper, I was very annoyed. Dealt with it as best I could, hopefully my grade didn't suffer too much. Ended up using some Physics knowledge to cover for something we hadn't covered in Chemistry class, shoutout to Physics.

Maths Paper 1: Very difficult but after a few tries got an answer for most of the stuff on the paper.

Irish Paper 2: Fine, but tiring and there was one small question I didn't understand at all. Proud i didn't run out of time with two comprehensions and three essays in three hours.

Maths Paper 2: An absolute nightmare, probably couldn't have gone worse. Very annoying after how hard I studied to have that impossible exam. On the bright side, everyone I talked to felt the same about it.

Physics: More like Maths Paper 3 than a Physics exam, but I dealt with it. Not like any Physics paper I'd ever seen before, so I hope my grade ended up okay. The problem with Maths Paper 2 and Physics was that I was so incredibly exhausted I just couldn't focus and these were papers that really required critical thinking rather than just regurgitating stuff you'd studied. I normally love that but when I'm so tired I can't think straight it's not helpful. I'm glad the Leaving Cert timetables exams differently.

English Paper 2: Lovely exam, had a choice on the poetry question and didn't have to do Bishop (not a fan). My comparative and Lear weren't great but I'm proud of my Studied Poetry essay and my Unseen Poetry questions.

French: So easy. Beautiful last exam.


All in all, they were alright but unfriendly to me because my three big subjects (the ones I want to study in college) had horrible papers. My studying did pay off in that almost anything I could've studied for I was able to answer.

Anyway, glad they're over now! Sleeeep. 

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