Friday, 29 July 2016

Debs 2016

Yo! I had my Debs ball the night before last, and after sleeping from 8 am to 4 pm the day after, I think I'm ready to describe it now.

Overall, the Debs was a good experience. I brought my best friend Chloe from CTYI, got to hang out with a lot of school people for probably the last time, and won an Oscar as a result of being voted "Most Likely to Become a Billionaire" out of the 200 in my year (very emotional!). The décor was also great - really went all-out with the Oscars theme.  On the other hand, the music was absolutely awful, and since Chloe and I don't drink we were acutely aware of it the whole time. Seriously - would it have killed the DJ to play some decent songs? Teenage Dirtbag? Stacy's Mom? Anything nostalgic? He played Mr. Brightside, but that was about it - the rest was mostly techno, and I swear to god he played the same five songs about four times each. 

Moya did my makeup (pretty well too, thanks sis) and took the photos - which I like because they're fun.

The nightclub was strange. Firstly, it was decorated as if it were a dystopian warehouse for some reason - scrawled on the way outside was "CAN'T TALK - THEY'RE COMING" and various walls said "LOADING" + a number. There were scribbles and bloody images all over the walls, plus bright yellow emergency strips and just a lot of general conflict stuff. The dystopia's theme was Industry, and I kept seeing signs saying something like "The most important thing is INDUSTRY". Weird. Secondly, the signs on the bathroom doors were ridiculously sexist for no apparent reason - the men's said "MEN AT WORK" while the women's said "GIRLS AT PLAY". This is awful for two reasons; it implies that men do the important work while women just faff around looking pretty, and it said girls instead of women, again trivialising women. 

The meal was very good, even though I got a lecture on vegetarianism in the middle of it from Chloe (in fairness I did ask), which destroyed my appetite to eat the ham. I loved the soup and the main course was grand but wow, the dessert was incredibly tiny. We were all very full though, so it made sense. 

After the meal, they held the awards. They announced the winners of around 7 awards that had been voted on by the whole year. The first one was Most Likely to Become a Billionaire and I 100% did not expect to win anything because I never do well in popular votes, but my name was called out! I was thrilled and everyone was lovely about it afterwards too and cheered. The Oscar I got is great too - so heavy and shiny it feels almost like the real thing ;) The awards for Biggest Hun and Most Attractive Brother went to the people I voted for too, which was cool. 

I was prepared this time and brought runners, which I put on to replace my high heels right before we went down to dance. I'm so glad I brought runners - didn't want a repeat of Ciarán's Debs. We were delighted to discover that water was free so we could just drink that all night. 

So yeah, it was great to see everyone and to partay. The night seemed to go really fast and it was strange (and disappointing, because the music had all been terrible) when we heard the last call for breakfast and then got on the bus. After that, we walked in the rain in our dresses for a bit until Dad collected us... and then the sleeping for 8 hours in the middle of the day happened. 

So yes - my debut has occurred. <em> Hello, world. </em>

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