About Me

Elle Loughran, 18, Irish. 

A blog about the life of a
busy teenage nerd, flitting
between college life, science,
cool conferences and competitions,
books and neat ideas. Updated weekly+

Things I Do:

I'm studying Science at Trinity College Dublin. Things I do include:
  • run Lablinn, an international organisation to engage the public in science and public health, with my team
  • blog (you're looking at it)
  • freelance writing & ghostwriting
  • speak at conferences
  • serve as Council member (2017-18) for the Youth Platform of the European Talent Support Network
  • faff around on a boat with friends

Other Things I Love:
  • Books (especially YA and sci-fi)
  • Playing ukulele
  • Data visualization (#dataviz)
  • Cats
  • Travel
  • City lights at night
  • Lists 

Other Things I've Been Involved In:
  • Appointed to Youth Panel of British Science Association
  • Participated in Outbox Incubator August 2016
  • Participated in BT Bootcamp March 2015
  • National Finals of Irish Junior Science Olympiad, Irish European Science Olympiad, Irish Chemistry Olympiad
  • Scientific research (nanobiosensor, bacterial susceptibility to UVC)
  • Created tigertunity.com, a website I created to help Irish people find opportunities

  • Naughton Scholarship 2016
  • Trinity Entrance Scholarship 2016
  • N.I. Young Scientist of the Year 2014
  • Emerging Technologies Hub Global Youth Leader in Nanotechnology 2015
  • BTYSTE Intellectual Ventures Best Invention 2015
  • Queen's University Award for Mathematics 2014
  • Drogheda Young Innovator of the Year 2015
  • Sentinus Young Innovators Senior category winner & Best Labwork
  • Qualified for the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland (top 5% academically)
  • Merit scholarship to CTYI for exceptionally high PSAT scores

Speaking Engagements & Conference Presentations:

  • TEDxDrogheda (September 2016) Link
  • Inspirefest (July 2016). Link 1 (panel) Link 2 (interview)
  • World Youth Organisation International Women's Day Summit (March 2016)
  • TY Expo (September 2016)
  • Zeminar (October 2016)
  • Budapest European Talent Support Network Conference (October 2016)
  • Evolve Biomed (April 2015)
  • Dublin Tech Summit (February 2017)
  • European Youth Summit Budapest (March 2017)
  • British Science Association Youth Platform (London October 2015, Birmingham March 2016)

Comments are always welcome, plus you can contact me on Twitter at @frizzyroselle or by email at izzyroselle@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!

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