Monday, 30 November 2015

November 2015 Review

The Blogger app just crashed and lost this 80% written post, so as I'm now annoyed the rewritten version will be shorter. I really need a laptop. Dates in bold. 

1. Hung out at Ben's photoshoot for the play he's doing. 

4. Went to Web Summit. Had banter with Gabi, Thomas, Catrina, Niamh, Johnny, Ciara, Selina and Campbell. 

7. Spoke on a STEMettes panel about my experiences in STEM. It was great getting to meet all the other awesome speakers, see the STEMettes again and hang out with Alice. Here's a picture of Alice and I being fabulously matching and the best of buds. 

Alice and I went to DCU so I could catch the end of Engineering, where I saw Gabi. 

After that, Alice's nan treated us to Burger King and we were dorks. 

8. Studied with Chloe, then slept over at hers. Was cool but getting a bus in the dark at 6.17, followed by the first train, was weird. 

13. Had a tremendously lovely sleepover with Ben. 

14. Breakfast in town with Ben, then went to the Trinity Maths Physics Open Day on the spur of the moment and saw Gabi, Chloe, Jerry, PJ, James and others, then to Burger King (so much BK) where I saw Mai, John Joe, Thomas and Gillespie. 

18. Choir competition in a local concert hall. My choir came second in our category and the other choir from my school came first in theirs. Fun. 

19. Honours Irish students from my school went to Ballymun to see An Triail in theatre. Pretty good show, although I couldn't get into the right frame of mind to understand Irish for the first part. Oops. 

25. Met Jackson through Ben while on a sick day from school (my fourth sick day ever, I think - something like that). He's hella cool, so that was serendipitous. It's fab when you click with someone. Less fab when they live in a different country. 

28. Braved the horrific weather to meet Gabi outside Trinity then go to DCU for Engineering, where we learned some Java. Then met up with Jack and watched Gabi's musical, which was fantastic and left me feeling perhaps oversympathetic to the villain. We then slept over at Gabi's. 

29. Hung out with Ben, then came home and tried to do some homework. 


Again, this month was great socially and grand schoolwise, but I want to get something cool going so look out for that. 

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