Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January Review 2016

Hello. It's hard to believe the same month held the second half of the Christmas holidays and the lead-up to the Mocks, it seems like way too much for one month. But at the same time it feels like I did nothing in January - and honestly, that's pretty true.

In what has become a tradition, I spent the first few days of January pulling 12+ hour days in school for Young Scientist - except this year I was helping out rather than exhibiting. It was a strange but very fulfilling experience, and I loved seeing the girls' projects develop. Plus the camaraderie in that very pressurised, productive atmosphere is always great. 

I attended the Friday and Saturday of the Young Scientist and had fun meeting lots of friends, seeing all the projects and touring the exhibition stands. I have a post about visiting the Young Scientist here. I really enjoyed sleeping over in Ben's after that.

A lot of studying ensued, as I started studying for the Mocks around January 10th, endeavouring to study four chapters a night (one from each of four subjects, obvs). 

On January 16th, I went into town to see Ben's play, which I'd been dying to see forever, even though the ending was spoiled for me because I attended some of the rehearsals. Gabi ended up being sick though, so I stayed and minded her and we watched Mean Girls and that was nice too. They're both pretty damn awesome and it was really cool to see how efficiently the friend group mobilized when we realized Gabi was sick. (We may have gone a bit overboard with the coats). 

More studying. 

On January 23rd, I went into Dublin for the reunion for Alice's birthday. That was pretty fun. I had an Eason voucher so I bought her pretty notebooks to match her. Look how damn cute the squad is.

I don't normally talk about schoolwork in this monthly round up but I just wanna say how much I've been enjoying Electron Physics. We learned how X-rays and photoelectric emission work recently, and it's awesome.

I stayed home and studied for the mocks the whole weekend of the 30th, didn't leave the house. Look at me being responsible. 

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