Monday, 1 August 2016

Review: July 2016

This month has been filled with a bunch of small events and, apart from Inspirefest at the start, nothing much else. No holidays, nothing I was looking forward to for a really long time, nothing huge. I did get up to some fun things, but overall it dragged. 

INSPIREFEST: I've already blogged extensively about this, but to recap: on the 1st of July, I spoke with some other Outbox gals on stage at Inspirefest and had a great time. On the 2nd, I went to Inspirefest Fringe with Christine and others. 

PARTAYS: I was unusually adventurous (for me) and went to two parties on two consecutive nights, resulting in 7 hours of travel over three days and 7 hours of sleep over two days. It was fun - the first party was for Daniel and Aleca's joint 18th, then I had a meeting with Ruta whom I'd met at Inspirefest the next day, then on a whim I went down to Paddy's party in Wexford, which is a lot further away than I'd anticipated. 

ENGLISH FRIENDS: I had the good fortune to get to see my two of my closest English friends, London Jason and Manchester Amy. It was the first time I'd seen Jason since an hour in October and we had fun being incredibly clumsy while walking my dog on the beach and talking (okay him talking, me listening in awe) about economics n' shit. Also, him playing violin beautifully. I saw Amy towards the end of the month, Saturday 30th, in Dublin with Gabi - and completely by chance, we ran into Aoife from Sligo, creating a four-person Outbox reunion. It was really great to see all these people I hadn't seen in months again. 

CTYI: I was really sad not to go to CTYI this year, especially since half my friends were going, and it felt like everything was moving on without me while I spent the summer bored. CTYI is such a wonderful place, honestly. I did have fun crashing Omni (the Saturday activity) while visiting Dad's partner - I got to see a ton of people and get a lot of hugs.

COMMON-OR-GARDEN FRIENDS: I hung out a bunch with Chloe, Daniel, Ben and Kate this month. I had fun at Dublin Maker then went back to hang with Kate (I've described that day here), slept over at Ben's, hung with Chloe and Daniel after crashing Omni and brought Chloe to my Debs.

DEBS: My graduation ball happened on the 27th and it was pretty cool. I've written about it here, but in summary it was a good occasion and a nice send-off for the class of 2016. High point: my year voting me Most Likely to Become a Billionaire. Low point: Awful music the whole time. 

BLOG: This blog got redesigned for the first time since it began two years ago. The roses and intense pink are gone, replaced by, well, what you see now. I like how it's a lot cleaner.

TEDx: I applied to do a talk at TEDxDrogheda and have been informed that I've gotten into the final 14, with 8 speakers to be picked in the end. I'll be at a workshop for that on August 20th. 

LIT: I've read and reviewed two books so far this month, Demon Road by Derek Landy and A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, and I'm now about halfway through A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. I also got two freelance articles rejected and one accepted, so once I get that in I'll be receiving $100 (plus the stuff from my commission (rather than pitch)-based freelance stuff. 


Wow - laying it all out like that, the month looks a lot busier than it felt. Anyway, August has some cool enough things lined up, so let's hope that goes well!

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