Thursday, 29 September 2016

Naughton Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Hey dudes! Last Saturday, I was awarded a Naughton scholarship along with 34 other people. I was really thrilled and grateful when I was told in mid-September that I'd won it, and the ceremony was lots of fun so here's a peek into it.

It was a pretty standard awards ceremony format-wise: tea/coffee, speeches by politicians and prominent people (in this case Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Naughtons) and then the handing out of the awards.

I enjoyed the speeches, which was good since they went on for an hour. I was sitting with three representatives from my school (MOR, my Chemistry teacher and my principal), my dad and his partner. The school reps were there because I'm cool because as well as the funding for my own studies, the school receives €1000 so they had to collect that. They were really nice, and it was fun (though weird) to have them around when they weren't in positions of authority over me. 

An hour before the ceremony was due to end, the prizes started being handed out. Here are a bunch of photos.

Afterwards, all the new Naughton Scholars hung out and got to know each other and chat to the Provost and Enda Kenny and the Naughtons and others, all of whom were good craic. We also found out that we'll be going on a retreat to Kylemore Abbey early next year, which is cool!

It was a very fun day, and I want to thank everyone for all the nice things they said to me. 

Shoutout to the Naughtons for organising such a cool event and, of course, for being the lifesavers that they are. And thanks to all the other relevant people :) 

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