Friday, 3 March 2017

Review: February 2017

Hi all! 

February has been a pretty cool month. 

It kicked off with the Trinity Science Ball on 3rd February at the Ballsbridge Hotel. The gang scrubbed up pretty nicely, I think. 

On the 8th, I visited UCD to hold an antibiotic resistance education workshop with Dr. Bergin's science education Masters students. It was scary but mutually beneficial so that was cool and I'm glad I did it. If you're reading this, Shane, thanks for having me in (and Mags for helping set it up!). 

I had a really great Valentine's Day this year thanks to the wonderful Leon. We started dating on the 11th and saw The Space Between Us in Cineworld on Valentine's, then he made me dinner. I've had an amazing time with Leon in general this month, so have some selfies. 10/10. 

I spoke at Dublin Tech Summit on the 16th about youth in entrepreneurship. I was on a panel with Jordan Casey and Niamh Scanlon. The gang and Leon came out to support, which was cool. 

In other speaking news, Zeminar posted a video of some highlights from their 2016 event. You can spot me at 1:31. 

A LOT of time this month has been spent working on my book. I was approached by a publisher about writing a book through a sort of agency I'm in a few months ago, and March 1 was the deadline to send off the first three chapters so I had a lot to do. I had no idea writing a book was so hard but it's on something important to me, increasing citizen involvement with science, so it's quite rewarding. No deal has been agreed yet, so I can't say any more for now. Whatever happens, definitely a learning experience. 

College has continued to be intense, full of tough work but great fun with friends and the whole atmosphere. I just love being around college and hanging out with people and knowing there's always something on. It's so vibrant. I had loads of fun with the gang and lots of sleepovers this month as usual. I appreciate them so much. 

It's only a month to the European Youth Summit in Budapest I'm helping to organise as a council member of the Youth Platform of the European Talent Support Network, so we've been doing lots of work on that. I've also had meetings with the gang and college staff about the community labs idea. At the start of March, I thought of a name that I actually like and isn't taken: Lablinn. I like it because it's short, pretty easy to spell, not taken and relevant to the meaning ("lab" + "with us" in Irish). It's similar to Gráinne's idea of Saotharlinn (Irish word for lab but the last syllable replaced by "with us"), except pronounceable by non-Irish speakers. 

To end the month, the gang, Leon and I jetted off with DU Physoc to Edinburgh for a couple of days. We did a physics walking tour, visited an observatory and had good banter (and some sleep deprivation!). 

Honestly, there's probably stuff that I'm forgetting, but all in all it was a cool month. 

For March, I'll have a lot more time to do stuff I've been neglecting because of book deadlines, so I'm planning to do more for college, Lablinn, antibiotic resistance and perhaps reading and Ruby. 

Thanks for reading!

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