Sunday, 3 September 2017

Review: August 2017

In August, I worked out a Lablinn-Stemettes collaboration and developed a new Lablinn workshop in London, had a work reception, did a ton of Lablinn stuff including working on our journalism and our upcoming public health competition, studied and stressed about biology, turned 19, had my six-month-iversary with Leon, spent 12 days in Prague, Brno and Vienna, finished my Harvard Business summer course, read three books, wrote nine blog posts, had a photoshoot and went to a Harry Potter convention. 

LABLINNxSTEMETTES IN LONDON: On the 2nd of August, the STEMettes flew me over to them in London to work out a collaboration between Lablinn and the Stemettes to bring Lablinn's topics (antibiotic resistance, vaccination and citizen science) to schoolgirls across the UK through lesson plans for school clubs, and then to attend the Summer Leadership Academy. It was cool, and I'm excited to spread Lablinn's message further, and happy with the new, more hands-on workshop I developed for Lablinn. Read about the trip here.

WORK RECEPTION: I finished my summer job on the 28th of July, but had a reception for it on the 4th of August, right after I got back from London. 


Eoin, one of our Graphic Design team members, made an interim logo for Lablinn. 


In August, we had several team members publish blog posts.
At the start of September, we had Ella Willsmore's article on why it's so difficult to develop a vaccine against malaria. 

I'm really proud of all the progress we've made and the hard work of the team. It's super cool. 


We're organising a public health competition for students aged 10-18 in the UK and Ireland for this school year, focusing on antibiotics, vaccination and the environment. This month, we were working on organising prize sponsorship and thus making a pitch. Shoutout to our other Graphic Designer Nicky who made a mockup flyer for the competition that I can't show you right now but will when I can! Lablinn also has some really cool stuff unfolding soon that I'll tell you about later. 

SIX MONTHS WITH LEON: I spent about twelve days this month with Leon, which is a surprisingly low number. We also hit six months of relationshipping, which was weird because it felt like so much longer because we spend most days together. Not complaining, he's amazing.

19TH BIRTHDAY: I aged. It's sad because (a) 18 is a nice number (b) I have to spend like quadruple as much on transport now because I can't use my child leap card anymore and have to switch over to the student leap card aka daylight robbery. Leon did set up a cute treasure hunt with my presents though. Also, our six month-iversary coincided with my birthday. Also, I did not have a happy time because of the biology nightmare (see below).

PRAGUE: I spent five days in Prague with my friend Lukas from the Youth Platform. Read the blog post about that trip here

BRNO: I took a short trip to Brno, in the southern Czech province of Moravia, with Lukas, and saw the castle, city centre and this historical tank painted pink. I've written a blog post about that here

VIENNA: I then spent a week in Vienna with Lukas and Lili, another Youth Platform friend. Read about that here

HARVARD: The HBX online course I did in Statistics, Accounting and Economics this summer finished up on August 17th so I spent some of the early part of the month finishing up the coursework, and had the exam in a test centre in Dublin on 1st September. I ended up with an A1 average in Statistics and Accounting and an A2 in Economics for the coursework. It remains to be seen how I did on the exam. 

PHOTOSHOOT: I had a photoshoot in Drogheda to go into the paper for the launch of TEDxDrogheda 2018. I like that I had a photoshoot on the 28th August this year and on 1st September last year -- it lines up quite nicely. 

READING: I read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, which I bought for the plane back from London and finished in Prague, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, which Leon got me for my birthday, and SUPERBUG: The Fatal Menace of MRSA by Maryn McKenna, which I finished in September.  

BLOG: I published 9 blog posts in August: 

LEAKYCON: I went to LeakyCon, the Harry Potter convention, with my friend Cathy because she had a spare ticket. The opening ceremony was on August 31st. It was pretty fun. 

BIOLOGY: I've put this down the bottom because it's long.

I was having a great time studying Biology from the recommended 1st and 2nd year undergrad textbook in preparation for entering second year biology, having checked that even though I didn't do first year biology I still had the prerequisites for second year biology and a biology degree, when I got an email saying that I wasn't allowed to do biology because I hadn't done it for Leaving Cert and entered a multi-week nightmare worrying that I'd have to drop out and start college again but couldn't afford it and trying all sorts of avenues to be allowed study the subject I've discovered I adore. Some progress has been made (eventually got an email saying the final decision is mine) but I've to wait until shortly before term starts for confirmation of my modules. I've gone back to studying for Biology (most recently did Speciation and Mitosis) and I just love it so so much so hopefully peace of mind comes soon. 

The immense stress about it occupied at least 50% of my mind in every waking hour from the morning of 10th August to at least the 24th, and then the some progress brought it down to about 30% of my mind where it is now, so the worry ruined my birthday, six month-iversary, and trips to Prague, Brno and Vienna because I just could not stop thinking about it the entire time, but hopefully if it works out not my entire life.

But it is nice to be capable of studying it again -- just hopefully can get confirmation I'm allowed to do it and go back to fully enjoying it. Haven't been able to stop gushing about what I'm learning from the textbook to people I meet -- it's just so cool.

Honestly, I had no idea so much happened this month until I wrote this blog post. Wow. That's quite a lot. 

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