Tuesday, 23 December 2014

December Update

 Oh well. I have more topic posts forthcoming, but here's a little catch-up since I won't be doing a monthly review at the end of December, I'll be doing a yearly review.

I finished that novel
In my Deadline Drag post I said I'd finish it within two days, but I actually finished it the day I posted that. Not saying that's particularly impressive, but the ending was a lot shorter than expected - 100 words rather than 1000. It's fine, I think; the novel was getting stale dragging on so long, and I'm glad I don't have to worry about it for six weeks now. I am still in the 100-4-100 challenge, though, so I've started another novel. This one is just in the planning stages though - thankfully, the 100-4-100 counts outlining as part of your 100 words a day. I am really awful at keeping up my wordcount spreadsheet, but I've managed to keep a reasonable handle on it so far.

Hang on, I just realised the challenge finishes tomorrow, the 23rd (or today, since it'll be posted then). Hell yeah.

Young Scientist season is well underway

I was in yesterday, I'll be in tomorrow, and I have a ton of stuff to do today at home. It is weird though; last year we were in pretty much every day over Christmas, but this year it's way more relaxed. I get the feeling a certain teacher will snap/freak out soon, and I'm aiming to have as much of the write-up done as possible before that happens to shield myself. 

Sadly, there is essentially nothing else going on. It's three days til Christmas, I have an article due for TopTenz soon and I've started work on that new novel to keep me in the 100-4-100. Honestly, Young Scientist is just taking up the whole month. Ah well. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

Some nice Twitter conversations to round off the post: my current favourite author (apart from JKR) replied to me several times.

Yeah, I'm fangirling. What of it?

This was extra-cool because her book's been reviewed in approximately ALL the high-profile outlets. 

Love you, Derek.

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