Saturday, 7 March 2015

Quick Return to Dublin

So I just realised that I won’t be able to blog any more about Bootcamp for at least two days because amazingly, I’ve had a life. So here I’m describing Friday (yesterday), and tomorrow I’ll be writing about Saturday (today), but luckily I rarely do anything on Sundays so after that I should be caught up.

SO. The school part is first, then the fun part where I travelled up to Dublin and was super teenagery and social.

Friday morning went bac to school, which was weird. It was extremely hard to get up in the morning but I did it. I also forgot the majority of my books which was problematic. All my pens had been stolen at Bootcamp but luckily I got two (official, not stolen) pens at Bootcamp so it was okay.

English was grand, we were doing The Arrival of the Bee Box which is a Plath poem I really like. I have homework on that to do over the weekend (plus all the catching up, which I really haven’t even started). Then there was Maths, and surprisingly I wasn’t as far behind as I expected. I was one of the slowest in the class rather than among the fastest as usual, but I could still basically understand the questions. I really do need to catch up on maths though and I’ll hopefully do that Saturday night (aka tonight).

Chemistry was fun, we just did an exam question about percentage water of crystallisation Most of the question was actually about stuff I’d already done, but part (e) I hadn’t. The teacher refused to help me which I liked, saying to figure it out for myself. I asked could I use my book if I got stuck and she made a joke, pretending to be annoyed I hadn’t learned by osmosis while in Dublin. My Chemistry teacher is great craic. I don’t think that’s how osmosis works though. Then Irish, which I don’t remember.

I played a game of chess at lunch against a second year whose name I’ve forgotten. We didn’t finish but I think we’re both down to a rook each, a king and pawns. Once the pawns get up the board, though, it’s all to play for.

We made cards about celebrities that inspired us in NE Religion (I didn’t really participate, writing an article instead), then were French and History which were ugh as usual.

AND THEN THE FUN PART. You ready for the fun part?

Okay, so Ciarán/I had suggested that I stay at his house on Friday night so I could celebrate his birthday, Jerry’s birthday and meet Kevin who was coming up from Cork. I didn’t really think it would actually follow through, though, but then Ciarán was there expecting me to be in Dublin at half five. I was like “What time do you think I get off school?” In his defence, he has a half day on Fridays.

Anyway, I rushed back home to get some stuff to study etc., and grabbed a hairbrush briefly off Moya (she wouldn’t let me take it with me because she had a date), then got to the 6 o’ clock train. To my delight, the train had plug sockets so I could charge both my laptop and my phone. I did one and a bit Fiverr articles, then got to Connolly, stood outside looking businesslike with my laptop and lanyard and then saw Ciarán, Seán and Kevin yay.

Then they gave out to me for, like, walking around “mugging street” with a laptop. But sure. So then we walked to the bus and sang the four chords song at Kevin. I didn’t actually know the song as a whole but I joined in for the song fragments I did know and it was exceedingly dramatic and fun. A moment. Also, I got to hear Seán sing semi-seriously!

We got the bus (Kevin gave me €1.15 and I paid him back on the train). We went to Ciarán’s house then, and Ciarán opened Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Seán and Kevin played Smash Bros. I presumably blogged. That blog entry took so long. We were truly living the apartment lyfe TM.

Then lots of time, great fun, Ciarán showed me the attic/loft where I’d be sleeping and we stayed up there for a while, just knowing Seán and Kevin would be making innuendos.

Seán and Kevin went home around ten. Seán finally agreed to hug me and then Ciarán kicked them out of the house as is customary and adorable.

Then we stayed up and talked and stuff for a while and it was lovely, a really really nice night. The bed in the attic is great and Ciarán is warm. And lots of other things, I mean, he’s not replaceable by a hot water bottle.

So that was Friday, in the really really comfortable attic bed. And then there was Saturday to look forward to. Yay!

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