Sunday, 22 March 2015

Super Busy Fun Times in Dublin

I had an adventure yesterday!

I also entirely neglected this blog for a week and that's awful, I've had no internet at home so it's been really hard and then when I had internet the past two days I was super tired. 

And now I shall proceed to tell you why I've been so tired.

Adventure time!

So, yesterday I planned to meet Jerry, then go to the reunion, then go back to Seán's with Ciarán to introduce Ciarán to Bo (well, to "what.", his special).

I planned to meet Jerry at 11 in Stephen's Green, so I got the half ten train and realised two unfortunate things while on the train.

1. The train stops two stations before where I needed to go on Saturdays (and last time this happened I got lost for forty minutes).
2. To meet him at 11, I should've taken the half nine train. I was going to be so very late. 

So I rang Jerry, told him those two things, and he was totally amazing and told me he'd walk over and collect me from Connolly (last stop) so I wouldn't get lost, even though it was ages for him to walk. I said he didn't have to but he did.

As I walked along the platform to leave the station I saw Joe, who was a Nevermore during my first year of CTYI and was/is really fantastic. He picked me up and spun me around, his trademark, and we talked for a minute before moving on. It put me in a really good mood, I was literally beaming leaving the station.

So then I sat on a bench outside Connolly when I got off the train. I read my book (If I Stay) while I waited, and a while in sensed someone sitting behind me. I thought they were just a stranger so I ignored them. Then a few minutes later I looked around again and it was Jerry, Jesus Christ. I was certainly surprised, but I hugged him and we walked on. He refused to tell me how long he'd been there.

I wanted Fanta so we went looking in lots of shops for cheap stuff. I think we got it (2 Litre bottle) in Tesco or Lidl in the end. So then we went to Chapters and looked around at the books for a while, then eventually (very late) walked up to Stephen's Green for the reunion. 

It wasn't an official one, so there were only a couple of people there including Fez and Owen. And of course, Ciarán had gotten out of grinds. Apparently he'd texted looking for me but my phone has a huge delay in letting me receive texts, it's very annoying.

Hugged Ciarán, probably others, then we all chatted for a bit and went to get Burger King. Jerry paid for my chips and I refunded him a few minutes later ... and then when I was leaving he snuck the money back into my pocket. We chatted a lot at the table. Also, Andrew dug his nails into me so then Jerry made him buy me another bag of chips. Dáire came, who's doing BIMM at the moment, and played around on my ukulele while we talked music for a bit. It's mildly disconcerting how he says I IV V VI or whatever instead of the names of chords, but I recognise that means it works in any key. 

Ciarán and I hugged everyone and left coming up to 3 p.m. Jerry gives great hugs, to be honest. 

I rang Seán to say we were on our way ... and then we saw the water charge protestors. There was some stupid protest on today about the water charges which are already law you idiots Jesus Christ. Honestly, I'm just so irritated by how stupid these people are. They're just crazy, frustrated people latching onto a cause so they feel like they have a purpose in life.


So screw you.

Screw you for totally stopping all buses along half the streets in the City Centre so we had to panic, walk for ages and then wait more time for another bus.

You're all idiots and you need to get a life. Also, your posters are shit.

I don't particularly like swearing on my blog, but these people deserve it. Jeez. 

But yeah, we finally got on a bus, got off and went to the McDonalds near Ciarán's estate (city people) and bought two Shamrock Shakes and an Apple Pie. I had the Apple Pie, then Ciarán called Seán and asked him to meet us at Centra where he gave him a Shamrock Shake. Kevin was there with Seán, and I successfully pawned off my heavy bag on Kevin, drink on Ciarán and I carried the ukulele. I feel kinda bad about that now, because Kevin isn't good at refusing like the other two are. 

Then we went up to Seán's room and all watched "what." Seán and I literally just mouthed the whole thing along with Bo, and super got into all the songs. I think by the end we'd made Kevin and Ciarán into two new converts. Hopefully. It was pretty damn cool. 

Ciarán had to be home by 6 so we walked back, hugging ensued, I went in and had some Chinese. We chilled in Ciarán's room for a bit and then his dad drove me to Pearse. Ciarán and I said goodbye, I assured him I'd survive the train journey, then I crossed through the barrier, saw no trace of a train timetabled and just got one to Malahide because it was on my route.

I am an idiot. 

I got off at Malahide and looked at the timetable, though it was okay because there was a connecting train to Drogheda at 21.10. (it was about quarter to nine at the time). But NOPE, that was only Monday to Friday. Goddamn Saturdays and trains. The next train was at 22.25. The controller was just going through this with me and I asked could I like go back or forward to a different station and catch a connecting train there, and he said nope, I'd just be getting the same train that would reach there at 22.25. 

I felt pretty stupid then.

But yeah, I went and sat in the waiting room and rang Seán first (probably my most sensible friend), who calmed me down. Then I called Dad and he didn't answer, so I called Ciarán who wanted to say I told you so. That was the opposite of calming. Jerry told me to call him and he checked I had everything I needed (food, water, jumper, etc.). 

The controller was lovely. He gave me the key to the drivers' bathroom (there were no public bathrooms). The bathroom was really gross (smell outside) but hey, it's the thought that counts. There were also people shouting outside which was inconvenient and made me hesitant to leave the bathroom. The controller also gave me two chocolate bars. Yep, super nice. 

I guess there are upsides to looking like a child. 

Anyway, Dad collected me after I'd been there for an hour which was very nice of him. I told him I'd be fine walking and I didn't want him wasting petrol, but he said he wanted me safe so that's k.

Then we got home, and that was the end of the Saturday adventures for another week. 

Also, I regret not taking any photos. Tres triste. 

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