Monday, 5 December 2016 Review

Hey guys! 

A few months ago, someone from reached out to me and asked if I was interested in receiving a pair of glasses from their site in return for a review. I said sure, I'd love some glasses, I'll give you an honest review. So now that we're all on the same page, let's go.


Here is a photo of my friend's plant wearing the glasses, to demonstrate that these glasses don't discriminate based on taxonomic kingdom.


I found the site easy to use, with a wide range of glasses (prescription glasses, sunglasses and glasses frames) and lots of filters for simple sorting. One thing I really liked was that the site let you virtually try the glasses you were looking at on a variety of models - so you could find the one that looked most like you to see what the glasses would look like on your face. 


I won't say too much about the glasses because I was able to pick out a pair that I wanted, so obviously it depends on what you like. But I've been wearing these glasses around all day for the last few weeks and they seem to be high-quality. The large frames took some getting used to, and they're quite heavy, but they seem well-made.


Delivery is where is not great. My glasses took weeks and weeks to deliver from China, to the point where I wasn't sure they were coming at all (although, in their defence, they do offer tracking). That said, the glasses did arrive all wrapped up safely in a cute box with a lens cleaner. I had been doubtful about them - I had no idea what level the quality would be, having just ordered them off the internet - but they're actually very good!

PRICE & DEALS have lots of deals going on all the time, but one interesting one is 50% off a pair of glasses for readers of this blog with the code GSHOT50! You can also get your first pair free (excluding shipping) with the code FIRSTFREE, and besides they're all pretty inexpensive anyway.


I had a good experience with these guys. Browsed the site, sent them my prescription, pupillary distance and address, and got high-quality glasses with lots of choice. So if you want good glasses for a reasonable price and can afford to wait around 6 weeks, I recommend

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