Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Review: November 2016

Hey guys. 

This month has mostly just been normal college stuff, which is fun but not particularly interesting for other people. So I'll keep it short.

COLLEGE:  College has been going well - I've finally gotten used to the level of challenge and am enjoying it and doing decently. Stats has clicked at last, I'm loving matrices and, weirdly, Chemistry (Thermodynamics) is now the hard one. It was weird adjusting to a place where I'm not "the science one" or "the academic one" because that's almost everyone, but now it's kinda cool because we help each other work through things and then chill together.

EXTRACURRICULARS: I tried sports (trampolining) and literally gave myself a concussion so I can't go back to that for 4 weeks. Oops. Physoc Committee stuff has been going pretty well, with a post-Halloween party at the start of the month and regular Brain Foods and prepping for the observatory trip we held at the start of December.

FRIENDS: A+ best squad ever don't argue with me on this. Probably the best part of college. Spent a lot of time together this month, and long may that continue.

PROJECTS: The squad (I know, that word is so 2k13) have joined me on Syndicalab and we brought it for a first meeting with Launchpad this month. We're now working on market research and then Lean Canvas stuff. Also, my TEDx went up on the TEDxTalks Youtube channel. Hoping to do more antibiotic resistance stuff in December. Attended an interesting Leadership & Campaigning workshop held by TCDSU (here's my article on it in Trinity News).

PINK TRAINING: I spent the weekend of 25-27 November down in UCC learning about gay stuff (queer history, activism, different identities, gender politics) . Was pretty cool, and I liked getting to know a cross-section of Trinity (my article on this with Rory Codd in Trinity News).

WRITING: I got promoted to a Level 2 seller on Fiverr, meaning I did a lot more work than I remember doing. Also, cool/exciting but secret upcoming stuff.

SCHOLARSHIP: I had my Trinity Entrance Exhibition ceremony for getting over 585 points, but then so did half the college so y'know. 

WORLD: [screaming] I went to the Hist Lockin with Will on Election Night in a good though nervous mood. Ended up crying. Very glad Will was there, for both moral and physical support. I'm still sickened by the US Election result, and can't help noticing all the recounts and efforts to persuade electors even though I know that realistically Hillary is not going to become President. 


Not a great month for major things, but day-to-day life was pretty cool thanks to my friends and getting used to college.

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