Saturday, 26 August 2017

August Trip 3: Brno, Czech Republic

We (Lukas and I) only stopped off in Brno for a few hours, but it was enough to explore almost all of it because it's pretty small. It meant that I got to see two of Czechia's three lands, Bohemia and Moravia, and learn some cool history. 

After taking the 2.5 hour train from Prague, we crossed the city centre in about twenty minutes (it's small) and climbed up to explore the castle. It was a more legit old castle rather than one of the impressive touristy ones, and it was in Brno, so there weren't many people there and we got a nice view. We did semi-accidentally gatecrash a wedding there, though.

We bumped into a tank painted pink. Lukas explained that the tank had been left there as a memento after the Soviets liberated the Czech Republic from the Nazis, and then kept there through the Communist regime. Towards the end of the regime, an artist had snuck up and painted it pink, making it look silly, which caused a lot of controversy. 

Before we left, we stopped off for food. I'm trying to stop eating meat and they eat a lot of meat in the Czech Republic (there was literally a bunch of animals getting spit roasted in view of us at the restaurant), so I ended up getting mashed potatoes with a side of chips. This entirely-potatoes meal was hilarious to Lukas and very stereotypically Irish, even though Irish people wouldn't actually eat that. Tasted good though so. 

We wanted to go to the cathedral but ended up having to sprint for our bus to Vienna. Oh well. Pretty nice place. 

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